5 things you want to know about my skincare habit

When it comes to reading skincare review you would want to know couple of things about the writer so that you can form an opinion based on these facts plus the review of the products.

I should have written this sooner but here goes. Couple of things you should know about my skincare habit and skin condition.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 10.19.28 PM.png

1. I have dry skin and at times dehydrated. Although it’s not feasible to the naked eyes whenever I have a skin check the result always comes back the same. I don’t normally have acne but during PMS I would have one or two. I do however often experience redness and you can see feasible spider veins on my face.

2. I don’t mind Mineral Oil, so long it’s not on the serum! It’s inexpensive carrier oil and it’s quite big in size (in terms of the molecule), so whatever you put afterward will be blocked by the mineral oil if it is in the serum. But when it’s in the cleanser, especially first cleanser that I’m going to wash afterward that’s ok. If it’s in the massage cream that I’m going to wash afterward that’s ok as well. Also, it’s ok if it’s on the last product that I’m using in the routine. I know there’s this huge debacle about mineral oil is not good for the skin especially dry skin, but I find using mineral oil based moisturiser to wrapped everything when I’m having dry skin actually helps. So there’s that.

3. The same with alcohol in skincare, I’m alright with it. As long as it is the right content and followed with the right ingredient. Look at the Japanese, their product are filled with alcohol but still they have the most wonderful skin. More about it can be red here.

4. I still use cleanser with higher than pH 5.5. Despite my continuing quest to find cleanser at pH 5.5 or lower, I don’t dismiss cleanser with pH higher than that if when I tried it it doesn’t make my skin dry and tight. I do however, if possible, avoid it.

5. I don’t use mechanical cleanser such as Clarisonic. I have no problem with using my skin and I disagree that a person need daily physical exfoliation.

5 things you want to know about my skincare habit

2 thoughts on “5 things you want to know about my skincare habit

  1. wiya says:

    Mbak Amal, tolong quick review son and park beauty water dong, mbak make beauty water ini dislot apa?

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