Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist, a skin mist with a touch of oil

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I can’t believe that I haven’t reviewed the Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist, considering this face spray got constant spotlight on my Instagram. This is basically a face mist that can act as a hydrating toner or to freshen up your skin whenever you need an extra boost of hydration.

Goodal is a pretty simple brand from Korea. Considering most Korean brand have the illusion of state of the art ingredients and the latest innovation in skincare, this brand come out strong with its simplicity of using great oils as its main ingredients and no mumbo jumbo involved.

What is it?

As I said a straight forward face spray with one part layer and mostly water. The oil provides boost of hydration with green seed concentrate. The water layer is a combination of white flower complex and niacinamide for extra brightening and anti ageing benefit.

The 7 green seeds includes:

1. Sunflower Seed Oil – provides vitality
2. Jojoba Oil – increases hydration
3. Camellia Oil – maintains moisture
4. Green Tea Seed Oil – brightens
5. Argan Oil – provides skin elaticity
6. Olive Oil – calms
7. Macadamia Oil – nourishes

How to use

You can spray it straight onto clean skin after you apply your acid toner. I like to have a nice four sprays to cover all parts of the face and to make sure that I have enough hydration. Alternatively, this is a great face spray that you can use for Chizu Saeki Method (CSM)of applying hydrating lotion. Not only it will feel more hydrating but the herbal scent of this face spray makes the CSM a more enjoyable routine.

Why do I love it?

The bi-phase formulation reminds me of my favourite serum that is the Melvita Pulpe de Rose. While this is a great serum that gives my complexion a healthy glow, this would be too heavy for a hydrating lotion and it’s not in its capacity to be one. So this Goodal face spray is just something similar to that because of the same bi-phase formulation but thinner in consistency. I love how hydrating it is considering I’ve said over and over again that a hydrating toner that really works for my skin is the one that you applied with cotton pad. But among all the hydrating lotion that is in face spray form, this one is by far the most hydrating and I like the light silky texture afterward that makes application of skincare easy. Of course the herbal scent! I have a thing for herbal scent.

In terms of hydration, this is slightly better than the Freshel Skin Freshener, however with that one, it’s tad sticky for abit.

It’s most recommended for dry to normal skin but I’m pretty sure an oily skin will love this as well because the mist is fine and nice which makes it soaked in to the skin easily. Unfortunately, this isn’t available here but you can easily get it in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.


Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist, a skin mist with a touch of oil

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