Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

Few weeks back, I shared the serums that I used during that period of time. Much of it stay but some of it have to go. Because they’re finished. So I need to add some more serums into the mix to keep things going.

For the last couple of weeks my main concern have been hydration. Because of the constant use of retinol and acids my skin is really dry. But they’re necessary to tackle my acnes and also the spots. But all of it came with a price of dry and parched skin. So last month and this month, not only that I focus on texture but also hydration.

Want to know what are they? After the jump!

Tadaa … the big reveal.

From left to right.

  1. AM+PM BHA Serum, previously reviewed here, I love this when I have acne. I used it during the night to help the serum grow into full bloom and eventually vanished. It helps to dries it out quickly.
  2. Lee Ji Ham Tea Tree90 Essence, new to the gang. This is quite a famous serum from Korea and very light in texture. Great for when I have redness. Unfortunately it’s not half as badass as Kypris Clearing Serum in dealing with acne. I love it still for tackling redness and give a mild medicating of sort to the acne.
  3. Su-Man Velvet Skin Brightening Essence, reviewed here just recently. This serum is by far the nicest texture I have come across that makes my skin instantly smooth. But other than that, I don’t really see any significant long term effect. I finished this early April. But it was still there when I took the picture at the end of March.
  4. Grown Alchemist Detox Serum. Will do a complete review soon but a gist of it is available on Female Daily. Basically a kick ass detox serum that I would use interchangeably with the Antipodes Worship. They’re both liquidy and potent.
  5. Black Chicken Love Your Face Serum. Don’t expect a review anytime soon cause I’m not even halfway through it. But Caroline Hirons did an excellent review on this. Basically an oil serum that have lush scent and provides your skin with hydration. All. Day. Long.
  6. Novexpert 5 Omegas Oil. I barely touch this. I opened this because I love the scent that reminds me of the Speculaas biscuit. Basically a nice omega rich oil that able to help your skin behave, smoothen and hydrates.
  7. Novexpert Hyaluronique. I love this hydrating serum, it tackle hydration at all layers of skin. The texture can be a bit tacky but if you apply it right, it goes on alright.
  8. Odacite Po+R, another hydrating oil serum. How many hydrating  serum do you need anyway? But this is good if you want to mix your product and add it a punch of hydration. I only add a drop or two to my other oil or moisturiser. Don’t love the scent on its own.
  9. Osmia Facial Calibration Serum, supposedly calibrate your skin in dire need of attention. Say when it’s sprouting acne like no tomorrow. While it doesn’t slow down the acne, it does help a little bit but again not as potent as Kypris Clearing Serum. Should have just stick with Kypris. But who knows if I shall love this in the future.
  10. Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, resurfacing serum that is mild and not too drying. Usually use this once a week. Reviewed it here.
Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

6 thoughts on “Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

  1. Hi Mbak Deszell, saya Klaudia Konsultan PR untuk L’Oréal Paris. Apakah boleh minta email Mbak Deszell untuk keperluan undangan acara yang akan diadakan oleh L’Oréal Paris.

    Terima kasih,

    Klaudia Mere

  2. Susi says:

    Hi Deszell, salam kenal ya, aku Susi … seneng baca blog ini, informatif banget. Aku mau tanya ttg serum. Aku pernah pake serum dari drugstore brands (Pond’s, Corine De Farme), Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Semuanya bikin jerawatan. Apa karena kandungannya terlalu “rich” ya?

  3. Susi says:

    Hi Deszell, salam kenal ya, aku Susi … seneng baca reviewnya … informatif … aku mau tanya ttg serum. Udah 2 kali coba pake serum dari drugstore brand (Pond’s, Corine de Farme), pernah juga coba Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Semuanya bikin jerawat. Kenapa ya? Apa krn kandungannya terlalu “rich”? Jadi reluctant mau coba serum lain.

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