Battle of the eyeliners!

Let’s break the all skincare post (and mostly cleansers) with a makeup related post. Yes, I love makeup too. I used to love it more than I love skincare. But now skincare hold first place. But I wear makeup on daily basis and one thing that I can’t leave without is eyeliner! God I look awful, like I have puffy eyes all the time, if I’m not wearing one.
My favourite kind of eyeliner is the liquid eyeliners. They give a nice precision to the line I’m drawing and usually give a really nice real black finish. I used to love gel eyeliner too. But the thinnest of the result and the colour really pale in comparison to liquid. Although I love the smudge proof and waterproof result of gel eyeliner. If you asked me, I’ve used most recommended gel eyeliner out there from MAC, Bobbi Brown, Kate, even the cheap one like L’Oreal. I found that I love the colour and result of Kate and perhaps Shiseido the best. Still, liquid eyeliner has my heart from the very beginning.

So here are the three eyeliners that I’m currently using:

  1. Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner – I love the felt tip that reminds me of the original L’Oreal Super Liner or Lancome Artliner felt tip. It gives you control when you’re drawing the eyeliner. Also, it’s truly waterproof and it’s the kind of eyeliner that is in fibre form so that you need to give it a good massage to remove it. Because the wand is using felt tip, the result is not precise and thin.
  2. L’Oreal Super Liner Sharp – Because it’s designed like a marker, you don’t need to dip the wand every so often. Super convenient with a brush tip. The brush itself is not too thin but allows you to draw thin line. It has a blacker black than the Max Factor and it’s also waterproof. My only beef is that this dries out so fast.
  3. The Balm Schwing – Using really thin brush wand that allows you to draw the thinnest line out of all three and gives the blackest black result. I love the finish. But don’t love the fact that it’s not waterproof.

I used them interchangeably depending on the occasion.

What about you, what’s your favourite eyeliner?

Battle of the eyeliners!

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