Holy Grail: Favourite eye serum from Aesop

It took me long enough to review this one. To date, I’m still using the Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum. It has been probably 6 months since I first used it or probably longer. I want to review it sooner, but I want to see how it wage against other eye cream/serum that I had. I have to say, this is by far my favourite eye products of all time next to Menard Embelir and Grown Alchemist.

I’m indefinitely partial when it comes to Aesop (and Grown Alchemist), both brands are lovely and hailed from my favourite cities in the world: Melbourne. It smells like home. Melbourne is filled with organic products hence most of the corners of the city smell like organic product.

This eye serum texture feels like oil, but if I remember correctly the Sales Assistant said it’s not an oil serum. Fair enough because it doesn’t feel oily upon application and it absorbs fast. It’s filled with vitamin A, B, C (Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate) and E (Tocopherol). It promises to hydrate, protect and nurture the skin around the eyes. Nothing too fancy.

The price however is quite fancy at around £55 or AU$81 for 15 ml. Quite something isn’t it? It’s also much pricier in this part of the world: Singapore and Malaysia, because we have none in Indonesia.


Above picture shown the full list of the ingredients. Other than the vitamin C and E, it’s said that the product is filled with vitamin A, which I suspect derived from the ingredients such as Carrot Root Extract and Beta-Carotene.

My verdict

There’s no big marketing twist with this product. It helps to protect and nourish your eyes area. So I didn’t expect much. For one I love the texture that I can also layer it with an eye cream for extra care and it feels so comfortable on my eyes area.

Secondly, I’m truly satisfied with the product. Although there’s no significant, wow, instant effect but overall condition of my eyes area have gotten better. The fine lines look significantly relax. The area looks well hydrated. It doesn’t look as puffy and because of this, it  doesn’t look as dark as it used to. A nice all around eye serum that although not really in the affordable range but doesn’t really come with crazy price tag. It is a really good eye serum for maintenance and also you want something that works but not sure which problem on the eyes area to target.

If you want something more potent and powerful I would go straight to Menard Embelir.

Holy Grail: Favourite eye serum from Aesop

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