The ultimate eye cream splurge & it’s worth it: Menard Embellir

If you ask me what eye cream that worth splurging. The answer would be Menard Embellir Eye Cream. I think Menard is lucky enough that I got to try most of their products when I’m not too picky with ingredients. I tried most of the stuff with a clean slate and no expectation, despite the Embellir line being a very pricey line. The three products from the line that caught my attention are the liquid (a hybrid of hydrating toner and emulsion), extract (basically a serum and yes I need to review this soon) and lastly the eye cream.


What is it? Menard Embellir Eye Cream, the eye cream from one of the most expensive lines sof Menard. After this line, they still have the ultra luxurious line called Authent.

How much? It’s Rp 2,832,000 for 15 ml and you can get it online at Sociolla.

Who is it for? For someone willing to splurge. Tried everything out there with no result. Have either dryness issue on the eye area which leads on fine lines or have deep fine lines and sagging issue. This could be the eye cream that answer your prayer.

What’s in it?

  • Licorice Flavonoid or basically root extract. Said to be one of the ingredients to help with anti-aging. But most literature I know stated this ingredient to be a skin lightening ingredient. No surprise there because one of the most obvious signs of ageing in the eyes is the darkening of the area which add years to the overall look of your face.
  • Hyaluronic Acid which is known as a powerful ingredient to boost hydration and make your skin more elastic.
  • Red Reishi and Black Reishi basically they’re rich in Ling Zhi 8-protein and Gondermic Acid and great for inflammatory, anti-allergenic agents and boosts immune system and promotes blood ciculations so that the cells act better to repair itself. Which means your skin acts better and improves wrinkles, fine lines and no inflammation apparent.

My verdict

Actually because the price is so steep I would want more active ingredients within this product! But since I wasn’t so ingredient oriented back in the days, I tried this with an open mind. It was one of the best eye creams that I have tried so far. The texture is rich and it absorbs instantly into clean skin. It feels rich yet not too watery. I find the Saranari eye cream far more watery than this one.

After couple of weeks using it I see that my eyes area looks more relax especially especially the fine lines. Whenever I’m tired I have the sunken under eyes look which after using this gotten better significantly and the skin around the area looks a bit brighter. Which together, they have made my dark undereye significantly better. Because I have quite a complex undereye problems and I see significant result after using this, I definitely say despite the lack of interesting ingredients this is worth the splurge.

Just a disclaimer that couple of years ago I had a Hyaluronic Acid filler injected into my undereye area, which make them significantly better in its condition. This eye cream was tested way before I had my injection and at that time it was hard for me to really feel any difference from an eye cream except that they slightly help with the lines, keep my undereye hydrated and help depuff my undereye bag. Other than that, it was hard to wow me.

But this eye cream blew my mind. Until today, I still regard this the ultimate splurge that’s worth the splurge.

The ultimate eye cream splurge & it’s worth it: Menard Embellir

3 thoughts on “The ultimate eye cream splurge & it’s worth it: Menard Embellir

  1. Felicia says:

    Halo mba deszell..menurut mba bagusan mana embellir eye cream atau odacite? Masalah mata saya ada lingkaran hitam di bawah mata dan garis halus juga.. thanks for info nya yaa 😘

  2. Wow! Price talks ya! But unfortunately i cant afford that kind of price rifht now. I do need treatment for my under eye, any other suggestion for price below 500k?

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