Another winner from Merumaya, the day cream!

I used to laugh at the idea of day cream. What day cream? I use a separate sunscreen protector. But then I came across of the idea of day cream from the Japanese skincare whereby day cream is actually the sunscreen! But instead of just protecting you from the sun it’s actually packed with extras because your hydration during the day comes from milk lotion or emulsion and not your day cream. It’s supposed to work as a protector so that whatever you put beforehand works in harmony on your skin.

So I accept the fact that day cream is not a joke.

Also, I come to seek for a good day cream because I use multiple layers of skincare because it seems to work best for my dry skin. If I have to use separate moisturiser and sunscreen it sometimes feels too “heavy”. As such, I look for a good day cream. On the day that I only go out for a meeting and not for the whole day, SPF 15 and some bit of PA would be acceptable because after 4 hours you need to reapply anyway to make it an effective protector. I apply this after my oil, that’s why I just want to simplify using a day cream instead of a separate moisturiser and sunscreen.

You know how I love Merumaya Recharge Night Cream and how I enjoy their signature scent eversince I first try their cleansing balm? So there’s no surprise that I got myself a Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF 15. The people at Merumaya called this Power of 3 because it gives an effective moisturisation, anti-oxidants to fight all the nasties (sun rays, pollutions and external agressor) and SPF 15 protection to protect you from photoageing.

In the hydration part they’re using 3 different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid to give it a long term hydration. Although it only provides SPF15 but it gives broad spectrum protection with 3 different UVA/UVB filters. On top of that it’s packed with mangosteen and vitamin E to give you the anti-oxidant benefit.

For one I love their hygienic pumped bottle that is easily dispensing the right amount of product. They cream is not too thick but it’s hydrating and slightly watery to the touch. I’m not sure whether oily skin will love this but dry and normal skin will love this. The bigger molecule of HA lends it its velvety finish. If you don’t like the watery feel after using this, blot it a bit with blotting paper and you’re good. I think it’s also the fact that because it has SPF you want to apply enough so it really protects you. Hence it feels watery whenever I use it. But, it doesn’t mess up my makeup.

It feels hydrating throughout the day, even on the day that I don’t add up on the HA serum or only using the serum without the oil. It smells amazing. Other than that, I don’t see any other significant improvement on my skin. But I will expect that from my serum.

All in all for me this day cream is still a winner in terms of packaging, texture and feel, winner scent and how it truly protect and hydrate my skin throughout the day. But I got to say at £31.50 it could be a deal breaker considering some of the most well made Japanese sunscreens are sold in this part of the world at a very affordable price. But I think if you’re willing to jack up your budget a bit and want something that feel lush both texture and scent, this is it.

Another winner from Merumaya, the day cream!

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