Tea for your skin from Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans is another skincare product that hailed from Australia. To be exact the home of Jacqueline Evans skincare is Malvern, Victoria. It’s no surprise that I jumped to the opportunity of trying the skincare from this brand. I wasn’t sure where to start with this brand. As with any other brand, I was playing it safe and opted for the face mist instead.

Before I review the Jacqueline Evans Rooibos Facial Toner, let me first introduce you to the brand. Jacqueline Evans is a Naturopathic Skincare and classified as a premium organic skincare, though price-wise it ranges between AUS 18 – 78. With the most expensive product being the eye gel. The brand focusses on research so that they could find safe products yet effective. It contains only natural and certified organic ingredients.

The Rooibos Facial Toner is a face mist that is packaged in amber glass bottle with a spritzer. The spritzer itself is easy to use and it disperse a normal amount of mist, the one that is not too fine and not that horrific that you feel like it’s raining cats and dogs.
The ingredients is pretty simple, they are:
organic rooibos tea*, rosa damascena (rose) water*, aloe vera concentrate, soya lecithin,
vegetable glycerine, amyris balsamifera (sandalwood) oil, rosa damascena (rose) oil,
pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil, grapefruit seed extract
*certified organic ingredients
Instead of using water, Evans used organic rooibos tea and rose water for this beautiful concoction. The former ingredient lends its soothing and herbal scent of the product. I’m a tea drinker so using this product is a really pleasant experience for me. If you’ve ordered a rooibos tea from Starbucks before, you probably know what scent I’m talking about. It’s just this one is more delicate.

On top of the wonderful liquid, it’s filled with oil such as sandalwood, rose and geranium. Which makes this a really perfect hydrating toner combined with the glycerine.
Now for me, when it comes to hydrating toner I think the one you apply with cotton pad is the most hydrating one because you’re pushing in the hydration inside your skin layers. Secondly, the thick almost gel consistency liquid that you apply using your hands. Lastly, the face mist comes last.
With that said, whenever I’m using face mist I always never skip my first essence because it doesn’t gives as much hydration as the other two types of hydrating toners. But I would imagine people that doesn’t have skin as dry as mine would much prefer face mist that is light and absorbs into the skin very quick, given that you cleanse your skin the right way.
Coming back to this face mist, I think this is among one of my favourites face mist, because it’s lighter than Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Skin Mist and less sticky than Freshel Skin Freshener. These three are the three face mist that are way up there on my favourite list. But I love using this Rooibos Facial Toner directly onto my skin and especially whenever I’m using organic or natural skincare products, whereas for Goodal and Freshel I prefer to use them by CSM.
You know what else I love using this as? I don’t really like using face oil on its own because the texture and finish would be thick and obviously oily. To thin down the texture and make sure the absorption is better, I like to mix it up with a toner that contains no alcohol or spring water. I find mixing my oil with this toner makes my oil texture pleasantly thinner and also far more hydrating and effective. I guess the simple ingredients work in harmony with most of my oil.
Unfortunately this toner isn’t available here, but I got this through @tokotujuhpuluh on Instagram.
Tea for your skin from Jacqueline Evans

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