If you want to try Menard & Don’t know where to start

My Instagram followers know well that if there’s one brand that I love head over heels that would be Menard. I’ve just realised that I have very few Menard products reviewed yet. Except for the exception of the few posts that I’ve written for Female Daily, which for the purpose of sponsored review. Even my favourite go to line for hydration, Lisciare, I don’t have any single review yet on this.

As such, it will be my mission to get through the list of reviewing Menard products. Starting with Menard Tsukika cleansing cream!


Let me start with brief explanation on the Tsukika range. It’s the most basic range from Menard and product pricing starts from IDR 300,000 (cleansing cream) – IDR 480,000 (cream). I was shocked at first knowing that Menard actually have a line that’s quite affordable considering they have IDR 15 mil cream as well!

This range is perfect for those who just starting to use skincare and don’t know where to start as this offers basic maintenance for your skin. It’s also perfect if  you don’t have any problem with your skin and want to try Menard for the first time. Especially if you’re under 25. But if you’re somewhere above 28 and starting to feel the need to add more juice to your skincare I would suggest to opt for Liscare instead.

The star ingredient in this range is Selenicereus flower extract or Bunga Wijaya Kusuma which only blooms on midnight. The scent of the whole line resembles closely with this flower and it is a delightful faint floral scent.

Now onto the review.

This is a cream cleanser that is perfect for first cleanser and to remove your makeup. It melts away all of your makeup and you need a big dollop of the product for the whole face. Because you want it to slide on your face with ease. The key in using this product is not to put too much pressure as you massage it across your face to melt away your make up. Massage it lightly, softly, in a circular motion until the cream turned into oil and all your makeup dissolved. Afterward, cleanse with water until you have your face thoroughly cleanse. One thing you need to remember is to apply the cream on a dry face, not damp or wet, because the cream will slide and turn milky instantly.

While it’s a great first cleanser, I find that it didn’t cleanse my fibre waterproof mascara because they’re that powerful! I need a separate eye makeup remover and sometime on the lips as well when I’m using matte liquid lipstick.

Do I think this is worth to buy? Hell yes. At around IDR 300,000 for I think roughly 150 ml(? ) it is a great creamy cleanser that turns to oily easily and milky once you wash it with water. You can use this up to three months and great paired up with the washing cream.

Here’s the thing. It may not be drying. It leaves your skin supple and hydrated. But I’ve tried Lisciare and before that, I always thought Tsukika is enough. But once I “graduated” to Lisciare, there’s no turning back. No offense Tsukika!

But if you’re still not willing to pay the price of Lisciare, this line and particular product, double cleansing product, is a great start.


I’ve actually posted a full Tsukika lineup review here, but I want to write a more thorough one.


If you want to try Menard & Don’t know where to start

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