Why Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream worth the splurge?

As I’ve previously mentioned practically everywhere, Menard is one brand that I truly love and that is not without reason. I love Japanese skincare and I love a Japanese skincare product that truly delivers.

I’ve previously reviewed the Tsukika cleansing cream, which is their starter line and I must say quite affordable as everything is priced between IDR 300,000 – 480,000. Now meet the older sister Lisciare, which tackles problem of skin elasticity and it opts to increase the water density of the skin so your skin looks more supple and bouncy, skin elasticity and firmness improves.

The price of Lisciare is double the price of Tsukika. Take for example the cleansing cream, Tsukika is priced at IDR 300,000 whereas Lisciare is priced at IDR 660,000. So why bother picking up Lisciare when you have Tsukika at half the price?


I think for younger skin it doesn’t matter what kind of cleanser you’re using, but as you age you want a cleanser that feels more hydrating and more nourishing. Which is exactly why I picked Lisciare cleansing cream. The key ingredients of the line includes love-in-the-mist plant extract that gives back the water hydration the skin and 12 varieties of oriental plant extract.

For one, Lisciare cream feels better in removing even the toughest waterproof mascara. Whereas Tsukika isn’t that great though great enough in removing makeup. As a cleansing cream, you want to massage it lightly into the dry skin until it turns to oil and melt away all impurities. With Lisciare, it turns to oil much faster and impurities also melts away faster. It’s also easier to wash compared to Tsukika.

For me, the deciding factor is still because Lisciare cleansing cream feels more hydrating and skin feels more supple after using it.

Do I think it’s worth the IDR 660,000? Well, I’ve just finished my third tube, so you tell me.

This is however contains mineral oil. If that’s the sort of ingredient you’re trying to avoid, well, you wouldn’t like this. But for me personally, I don’t mind mineral oil in cleansing products.

Why Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream worth the splurge?

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