The Battle of the Cleansing Oils: DHC Vs. Fancl

I’m not a big fan of cleansing oil, so there are very little cleansing oil in the market that I’ve tried. The reason is because I find cleansing balm and cream much more comforting to use on my dry skin. But I must admit cleansing oil is the easiest to use to remove makeup, especially if you’re using waterproof eye makeup such as eyeliner and mascara that are fibre-based and made in Japan. God, they’re really hard to remove!

Anyway, eventhough cleansing oil melt away all makeup in one swipe, never forget to emulsify it first. If you haven’t already know how to use cleansing oil properly, read this article on all about cleansers (unfortunately written in Bahasa Indonesia).

From my recent trip to Japan, I picked up two renowned cleansing oil from brands that I’ve trusted. They are the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 2.20.54 PM.png

Here’s what you need to know first about both cleansing oil: their ingredient list is pretty short (although I can’t really tell what’s inside Fancl since it’s in Japanese) and they’re free from mineral oil. I have no problem with cleansers that use mineral oil, but I know most people out there mind.

We’ll start with the famous DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

It’s said that a bottle is sold every 10 seconds worldwide. It’s a simple cleansing oil that have the right weight – not too thin nor too thick so it’s really easy to spread around the face. Its main ingredient is olive oil, which is another thing to highlight because I know some people doesn’t really fancy it because it could be pore clogging but trust me this one emulsify easily, so if you do the emulsifying step or even flannel it off you shouldn’t be too worried that the olive oil will clogged your pores. Because in the end, you’re going to wash it off. Enough ranting!

Because olive oil is the main ingredient so it’s no surprise that the scent is very much like … olive oil. When I massage it with dry hands into my dry face, it move around so easily and melts away my full coverage foundation easily. It’s really good to remove heavy makeup. Very easy to emulsify once you wet your hands and massage it around and with that your makeup dissolve as well. It doesn’t feel greasy nor drying afterward. It’s just nice.

However, when it comes to waterproof and smudgeproof eye makeup such as my trusted Majolica Majorca eyeliner and mascara, Fancl does better job removing it.

So let’s go into the Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil.

Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly since this brand is fragrance and preservative free, the cleansing oil doesn’t have any scent at all. At. All. Perhaps, just the mild scent of oil. Which is good for those that have sensitive skin because hey you might want to skip fragrance in your skincare.

The texture is really thick but funnily you will need more product to remove makeup than DHC, I think it’s partly because it’s thick so it’s harder to spread around. But it dissolve the fibres in my lashes with one touch! But because it’s thick and have grip on the skin, it’s a good face massage oil that you can use after you cleanse your makeup. Not while you’re cleansing your makeup.

So here’s the gist. If you are wearing full coverage or heavier makeup everyday, I suggest for you to buy DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, take some time to massage the oil around your eyes and be generous with the oil so it will remove your eye makeup thoroughly. Whereas if you’re like yours truly, wear sheer to medium complexion makeup and have kickass eyeliner and mascara, I would go with Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil. Bear in mind, if you have sensitive skin, I would just go straight to Fancl, regardless of how you wear your makeup everyday.

Both should be priced around USD 30 but most probably differ in size, with Fancl at around 120ml and DHC at around 200ml. Pricewise, DHC is more value for money. But that also depends on what you need at the end of the day.

The Battle of the Cleansing Oils: DHC Vs. Fancl

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