My thought on the new formula of Kypris Clearing Serum


Kypris Clearing Serum has garnered a steady follower over the last one year. I’ve previously reviewed the Clearing Serum in Female Daily. It was love at first sight with this serum because it’s able to control my PMS acne and also it able to help cystic acne come to head much faster.

However, at the time when I wrote the review Kypris had actually launched a new version of the serum, which means the review for the old one is probably, need to be revisited. As I’ve been using the new version of the Kypris Clearing Serum for couple of months now, I think it’s only right that I revisited my original review on Kypris Clearing Serum.


First of all, the immediate difference between the two is the colour. The older one has milky white colour and the new one has a dirty brownish colour. I much prefer the milky white colour because it looks more decadent and add to the experience. Secondly the texture, the newer one have slightly thicker feel and doesn’t absorb just as fast.

But how about in terms of performance? Sadly, I can say that I love the old formulation better. It works better on my acne and controlling my sensitivity. But, when I had my eczema, it seems to help to aid with the sensitivity and add hydration to my skin. So I used this as a product to seal off my skincare after the oil. If you have any small bumps this will helps. But if your problem is cystic acne and hormonal acne, I think you’re better off with Odacite Bi+C, which is due for a review next.

My thought on the new formula of Kypris Clearing Serum

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