If you’re looking for acne treatment, try Odacité Bi+C

When I first heard about Odacité I squint at the price. I closed the window of my browser when I realised that the booster serum is only 5ml in size. But then I get the chance to purchase the sample sizes when I ordered some stuff from Naturisimo and I had the pleasure to try a full potter of the Po+G for extra hydration. From that moment on I can’t stop including Odacité in my skincare routine because it’s just too good.

You’ve all heard how I love Ba+S for my eyes area. Now let me tell you about Bi+C (Black Cumin and Cajeput). It’s a blend of Black Cumin, Cajeput and Vitamin E (Tocopherols) oil. Together they make a great dream team for banishing the acne.


I’m not in the mood to go all scientific but here’s why I love this booster. I know the size is really small, but I’ve been using them for almost 3 months and I’m only half way through. The reason is because I’m not the type of person with acne-prone skin but I still need products that can help to aid my skin when PMS hits and acne sprouts out of nowhere. Most of the time I didn’t get to finish most of my acne specific products because I don’t used them all the time. So, for me, the size is perfect! Secondly, it’s really effective to tackle my acne, it helps the smaller bumps to really dries out in a day and for a bigger one and cystic acne to heal and come to head faster. As for cystic acne, it really helps with solving the problem thought it still need more than a week for it to completely heal. It also helps with the acne in terms of hyperpigmentation, when it heals, it doesn’t leave such a bad PIH anymore. If I pick on my acne, it helps to dry and close off the scar faster.

How to use it?

  1. If you want to use it for spot treatment, pressed the pipette first to empty the oil and pump the remaining oil into your fingertips and dot it to your acne or area that you suspect acne is about to pop. Apply it on a clean skin after you double tone.
  2. If you have an area that have multiple acnes and in that area the acne keeps popping out, apply a half dot of the booster serum allover that area and leave it to dry before you move in with your serum.
  3. I sometimes also use it as a pre-emptive measure to tackle my hormonal acne by mixing 1-2 drops of Bi+C with my serum or moisturiser. The best partner for this is of course the Odacité Oleosomes, which is a moisturiser by Odacité. So good!

Experiment with it and try to find the best way to amp up your skincare routine. All in all, I’m quite happy with all the Odacité product that I have I keep recommending it to everyone. Next one on my list is to review the moisturiser.

If you’re looking for acne treatment, try Odacité Bi+C

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