Why you shouldn’t wipe off your cleansing milk with cotton pad?

Last week I wrote a budget beauty skincare post. In that post I mentioned about cleansing milk and how you shouldn’t wiped it off with cotton pad. Apparently, there are few questions regarding this. So to make matter clear. Let’s do a post.

What do you use cleansing milk for?

Cleansing milk can be used for first or second cleanser. But to my experience, most cleansing milk doesn’t really cleanse waterproof makeup thoroughly. There are few exceptions in the market that does. But for the life of me I couldn’t think of any at this time. So perhaps there isn’t?

Anyway, if you’re wearing very minimal makeup or only sunscreen you can get away with using cleansing milk to cleanse your makeup.

But other than that I prefer using cleansing milk as a morning cleanser or second cleanser. But for drier skin there are times when cleansing milk feels much better and comfortable than gel, balm and oil.

How do you use cleansing milk?

Use it on dry skin or damp, never on wet skin as it will disintegrate cleansing milk real fast and no cleansing action done at all. Massage it allover your face and rinse with water until your skin is clean.

Never use cotton pad!

Here’s why you should never use with cotton pad. 

When you applied your cleansing milk with cotton pad you don’t really massage the product to cleanse your skin and takeaway those dirt and grime. You’re just applying it.

As you remove it with yet another cotton pad, because it’s oil based product or some kind of emollient or wax, it’s hard to take away every product from your skin. Of course your skin feels moisturised. Because not all of the product get taken off with the cotton pad. You need to have cleanse skin before you put everything else and toner shouldn’t be used to cleanse your face! It should be applied on clean skin.

Usually the Japanese explain it like this: if you apply cleansing cream or milk with cotton pad you actually “push” all the dirt in instead of massaging it out and washing it away.

Try the two methods and see the difference yourself.



Why you shouldn’t wipe off your cleansing milk with cotton pad?

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