Top 5 Natural Skincare Face Mists: Sukin, Trilogy, January Labs, Antipodes & Jacqueline Evans

My friend told me that I should make a list of my favourite skincare. So I am doing it now and it seems that everyone is asking for it because Caroline Hirons is doing it. So in this post I’m only going to include face mist from natural brands, not including the ridiculously expensive one and the non-natural brands. Cause I can’t decide like that. Also, it’s not in any particular order.

I actually posted this a while back on my Instagram, but here goes a more elaborate version. I’m asked many times whether this hydrating toner and that hydrating toner is more hydrating than the others. First of all, I want to clarify that I personally think the most hydrating toners are those that you pat into your skin using cotton pad, it allows for better absorption. Second is the gel type that you apply by hands, but sometimes it will take time to absorb. Lastly, is the face spray. It sort of sit on top of your skin and dries off. But I like the cooling sensation though.

In this post I want to give you the comparison of the face mist from the natural skincare brands.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.12.25 AM.png

1. Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner

This is definitely a steal, mildly hydrating and great scent. Nothing special but it’s affordable. Honestly speaking, with the price tag, I’m not surprised there isn’t more good ingredients and actives because this is really affordable. You can use it for hydrating toner, but if you have dry skin this wouldn’t do alot. Especially if you don’t use first essence, you can’t use this alone. It combines chamomile and rosewater. But for the price, this is definitely a keeper.  A great mid-day mist.

2. January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist

This is hydrating but the thing I love the most is the cooling sensation after I sprayed it. In terms of calming redness etc it’s on par with Trilogy and Jacqueline Evans. Frankly speaking I prefer those two better. If not for the seal of approval from Caroline Hirons, I don’t think I will get this. This is always sold out on Cult Beauty. I think this is great for combination and normal skin and not so much for dry skin because it’s not that hydrating.

Great ingredients list though.

3. Antipodes Ananda Gentle Toner

Antipodes Ananda Toner the scent is mildly herbaceous like any other Antipodes product. Great fine mist and it’s hydrating enough for my dry skin. Trilogy is slightly more hydrating. But the mystifier is what set this one apart! It’s a good one that disperses really fine mist.

There’s Bulgarian rose in it and it’s rich in antioxidant so it might be a great idea to use this during day time.

In terms of price this is quite expensive.

4. Trilogy Hydrating Face Mist

This is soothing, hydrating and the mist is really fine. My favourite and I already repurchase 2 more bottles! The price tag is also not too steep. There’s a hint of floral scent.

Among all of the face mists that I’m reviewing here, this one is the most hydrating, in terms of the mystifier is the best and the most soothing. Truly value for money. The price range is in the middle but great quality.


5. Jacqueline Evans Rooibos Facial Toner

This is almost on par with Trilogy but this is especially great if you have problematic skin or you want to amp up your oil by mixing it with your oil before you apply it to your face. Full review is available here.

So if I have to make a list my number 1 would be Trilogy followed closely by Jacqueline Evans. Antipodes is in number 3. Sukin because of the great pricing point deserves fourth spot and lastly January Labs.


Top 5 Natural Skincare Face Mists: Sukin, Trilogy, January Labs, Antipodes & Jacqueline Evans

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