Is Santa Maria Novella Rose Water worth to buy?

What is Santa Maria Novella? It’s not a name of a beauty brand rather according to Wikipedia it’s a church in Florence, Italy, situated just across from the main railway station which shares its name. Chronologically, it is the first great basilica in Florence, and is the city’s principal Dominican church.

However this church that have a Perfume and Pharmaceutical along with it. They offer wide range of perfume, bath and body, ointment and balm as well as face care. It’s really a place that I would want to visit one day.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 1.56.20 PM.png

Other than that, the design of the label is truly decadent and Instagramable. Everyone keep asking me what is it and whether it’s good or not?

It’s actually simply a rose water. As simple as that.

As a hydrating toner, I don’t find it too hydrating. I either put it in a sprayer or pat it with cotton pad. I find patting it in with cotton pad is a much preferred application because it soothes the skin especially area that is red and also the hydration feel better compared to spraying it.

If you compare it to rose water from brands such as Nuxe or Corinne de Farme that both provide rose water at a more reasonable price, this one might have the same hydration level but you can’t beat the scent that is so soft and lush. It’s an exquisite experience. Something that you want to spray on your special day.

So what do I use this for? I use this as a mixer for my powder mask such as May Lindstrom the Problem Solver to make it an experience I enjoy. When I’m experiencing redness on my face I would spray this on my face to calm it down. Lastly, I love using it as a last step of my makeup, spritz it, to tone down the matteness of my makeup and also just to have a whiff of nice rose scent on my face.

But this one is not an effective hydrating toner, it’s a good one to have because of the experience and if you want something to deal with your redness or sensitive skin.

I got this from the US for USD 35 (250ml). However, I’ve heard that they’re now available in Sofia Gunawarman with similar price tag.

Is Santa Maria Novella Rose Water worth to buy?

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