If you need to replenish your skin’s water level try Lancome Energie de Vie Sleeping Mask

You must have seen these green Lancome bottles on my Instagram feed. I received it like last month in the middle of my eczema phase. Which is a shame so I didn’t have the chance to experiment and play around with the different range. But the one product that I put on my skin during this period is the Lancome Énergie de Vie The Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask.


Lancome Energie de Vie range is a range of skincare to revive tired skin with simple products and routines yet efficacious to give dull skin instant glow. It’s something that modern woman, or anyone that’s looking to simplify their routine would love. The range is simple and the formulation is mostly inspired by Asian skincare if you touch the texture of the products.

What I have here is pearly lotion that is hydrating lotion. Liquid care that you can use as a booster, serum and emulsion in one and the texture is so light so this one product really simplifies your routine if you’re looking for a simple step. Lastly, the sleeping mask which I will be reviewing here.

What is it?

A sleeping mask that you can use as a final step of your skincare to seal of your skin with hydration and “reset” the skin from fatique. It melts into your skin and packed with lots of antioxidant.

How to use it and when?

You can also use it anytime you need extra oomph and hydration by using it on a clean skin as a mask, applied generously, leave it on for 10 minutes and you can wipe it off, remove it anyway you want or let it work into your skin and apply the remaining of your skincare.



It looks like a gel cream on the tub. But as soon as it touches your skin it turns into water droplets and hydrates your skin immediately. It feels watery and doesn’t feel sticky at all.

Do I love it?

I do! My skin has been parched and dry because of the eczema so this is the first product that I reached from the range. I put lots of oil on my skin because it helps to heal and cover my skin well after the eczema fiasco. However, it lacks in water and it feels dehydrated. So every other day I would apply a thick layer of this sleeping mask onto my skin and I love how it turns into water droplets immediately and seeps into my skin. It feels great on top of oil and I wake up feeling well hydrated (my skin) and it look not as dull as before.

I also feel that whenever I use this my skin feels cooler. Apparently this product decreases the skin’s temperature by 1.8C. Which is perfect in today’s heat which causes my skin to feel really hot and burning. This sort of tone down the burning sensation. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to keep a small jar in my makeup pouch so I can take it with me everywhere. I swear, the heat is unbearable!

I would recommend it for

Anyone who’s looking to replenish their skin’s water level. Feels that their complexion is lacklustre because of dullness and dehydration. This is for you.

My only beef … is that the scent is tad to strong for my liking. Other than that, I like it.

You can buy this in Indonesia or in Sephora for IDR 890,000.

The only two sleeping mask that I’ve tried is Tata harper which feels slightly oilier and Sum 37 which feels as hydrating and in cream texture. The one that have the same texture with this one is the BioEssence sleeping mask, which could be a steal. But I don’t know about the result because I’ve never tried BioEssence but it’s afterall Hirons’ favourite.

If you need to replenish your skin’s water level try Lancome Energie de Vie Sleeping Mask

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