Why RMS Beauty Cream is different from your supermarket VCO

Ok, bear with me as I do another cleanser review because I want to do a top 5 cleanser so I want to get as many as possible out of the way. Also, cleansers are the kind of products that are gone quickly from my collection because they get used a lot.

The next one to review is the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 1.53.44 PM.png

First of all, it’s not a cream, at all! It’s like the virgin coconut oil that you get in the supermarket. Especially if you live in tropic country the coconut just melts into oil. No creaminess at all. I guess if you live in colder weather it will probably solidify a bit.

When it came in the package, it was all clear liquid and I throw it in to the fridge immediately.

If you want to know the benefit of raw coconut oil you can read it here. Other than that, let’s move on to the review. After the jump!

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.11.17 AM.png

The texture

What you see above is the RMS Beauty Cream after I throw it into the fridge and the oil solidifies. Mid way through the solidification process, I stir the product before it completely solidify like what you did when you’re making granita. So it’s easier for me to get smaller bits and chunks when I want to clean my face. When I first got this, I immediately throw it into the fridge and let it fully solidify so it’s hard for me to get the product out. You either have to rub your fingers until it melts, which is gross, or you break the solid coconut cream with a spatula like what you’re doing when you’re trying to break ice block.

I never left it out in room temperature because after a while it will turn to oil and I have to do the whole ‘granita process’ all over again.

Once you massage it into your skin it will turn into oil. A thick oil. Like any other coconut oil you’ve touched.

How to use it?

You massage it into dry skin and take some time in the area of your eyes and lips where you’re using waterproof makeup. I use this as first cleanser. Take it off with a flannel or muslin cloth. This is the only time I actually do flannel because the product requires it.

Other than that, I sometimes take it off with exfoliating powder like May Lindstrom The Clean Dirt. It’s a good way of exfoliating the surface of your skin when your skin is dull. But I only do this on a clean skin, meaning that I don’t use the beauty cream to cleanse makeup.

How much? £12.50 for 70gr!

What sets it apart from normal coconut oil?

As you can see the price is really steep compared to your supermarket coconut oil variety. I can get a raw virgin coconut oil at half the price and triple the size. So why do I buy this one?

I tried to use my VCO that I usually use on my body to cleanse my skin. Even with the flannel it’s really hard to cleanse it off. It didn’t remove makeup as nice as the beauty cream. Most importantly, it feels more clogging on the pores compared to the beauty cream. Because the next day, I got a bump. A small one. But still a bump nonetheless. Rarely happened to me.

But with the RMS Beauty Cream I have none of this problem. I guess it really does make a difference.

What I love about it?

Do I love it? Not at first. But eversince I’m experiencing my eczema my skin condition get worst and worst by the day. This helps to clear out all the grime and bacteria and together with the Clean Dirt helps to exfoliate dead skin cells build up which happens when you’re having eczema. It keeps my skin supple and moist even at its darkest hour.

I was struggling to find not a very expensive makeup cleanser that is natural when I’m having eczema. Although this doesn’t emulsify, but it does excellent job and doesn’t aggravate my skin condition.

So yeah, it’s a keeper. Naturally VCO is anti bacterial, so if you have any problem on your face caused by bacteria give this a try.


Why RMS Beauty Cream is different from your supermarket VCO

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