Eyebrow Products That I’m Currently Using


Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 4.12.54 PM.png
I ended up with these many pencils because I was playing with colours. I used to settle with dark brown or black, but eversince I coloured my hair, I need a lighter shade.
When picking an eyebrow product, I tend to pick one that is closer to my hair colour and I try to avoid those that have redish tone. I can look pretty scary with redish tone eyebrow. I need something that will stay the whole day, preferably waterproof and smudge proof, I also love if it’s waxy.

  1. VOV Auto Style eyebrow pencil, it’s a flat automatic pencil that is a little bit waxy in texture. You need to be a little careful with this because it’s pigmented and because it’s a little wide, you can easily over draw your eyebrow. I usually only use this if I only want to fill in the centre part of my eyebrow. The spoolie brush is soft and great. Available in Indonesia cost less than Rp100K.
  2. Jourmoe 3in1 (eyebrow, eyeliner and eyeshadow powder) is a very pigmented automatic eyebrow pencil. I’ve only tested this for a bit. The pencil is really thin and creamy, you can draw your tail with ease and create that arch. But be very light handed with this. Bought this in Sasa Hong Kong.
  3. Catrice Long Lasting Brow Definer is a liner type eyebrow product. The colour is a bit off for me, it’s too light and it’s not as pigmented as the darker shade. But it’s really cheap, I think it’s around Rp50K.
  4. Brow Lash EX from @kaycollection. The Khaki colour is perfect for those with dark hair but doesn’t want a stark black eyebrow. You have two types of eyebrow product: automatic pencil that is not too creamy nor firm and perfect for filling in the brow and liner type that you can use to define the arch and create sharp tail. This stays on the whole day! The liner part is pretty much waterproof.
  5. The Browgal from @beautyboxind is among my fave pencils. You have a sharperner ready for you at all time, the texture is creamy and waxy, pigmented and it stays the whole day.
  6. Etude eyebrow pencil is an eyebrow pencil product. The pencil is hard, it’s not as easy to sharpened compared to The Browgal but the colour is perfect for me. Spoolie is hard as well.
  7. The Beauty Story and Pony Effect iooks like a twin. Very thin automatic pencil at one end and spoolie at another. But they’re not! The Beauty Story is dry and hard, but it cost less than Rp100K IIRC, spoolie is thin and hard. Whereas the Pony Effect is also a favourite of mine, not too pigmented, not too hard nor creamy, just a perfect everyday eyebrow pencil.
Eyebrow Products That I’m Currently Using

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