5 Telltale That Your Skin is Over Exfoliated

I’m an avid double toning advocate, because I believe that daily exfoliation will help your overall skin complexion.

Here are some checklist of posts that you need to read first before continuing with this post to get yourself familiar with acid/exfoliating toner and double toning:

  1. A short description about exfoliating toner to get you started.
  2. All you need to know about exfoliating toner: the what, why, how and some gist on the products. (Bahasa Indonesia)
  3. Why daily and weekly exfoliation is important?
  4. Most importantly, why you need to do it responsibly!
  5. The most important question, do you need acid toner or not? (Bahasa Indonesia)

Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s start!

You want daily exfoliation, just enough but not too much! But how do you know when you’re overdoing it?

1. Drastic changes to your skin

Too oily or too dry. Know your skin condition, if it changes rapidly after daily exfoliation or heavy duty acid treatment, most likely your skin is over exfoliated. If you have oily skin and it excessively producing sebum, it means your skin is becoming dehydrated from all the exfoliation. Vice versa, dry skin can feel real tight when it’s over exfoliated.

2. Flaky and dehydrated skin

Whether you have dry, normal or oily skin, you can get dehydrated and this is the most common telltale. Minimal peeling is expected with daily exfoliation, but not when your skin is cracking and flaking allover. Especially when it’s dehydrated. It’s time to amp up your hydration and give the hydration back. How do you know that your skin is dehydrated? Your skin looks tight, smile lines and lines more apparent, your skin can’t absorb product well and the most obvious is that it looks dull.

3.Itchy, red and inflammed skin

With this one, it’s obvious: your skin is red and itchy. Even you can see with naked eyes and feel it yourself. This means that you’re doing too much of exfoliation that you sensitise it to the point of probably breaking the skin barrier ability to protect your skin and keep your moisture intact.

4. Breakout!

When you have acne, you would tend to reach out for BHA based acid toner. But too much exfoliation can lead to drastic changes in your skin, dryness and dehydration. Which leads to sensitive and inflammed skin. Altogether this causes more harm than good.

When your skin is dry and dehydrated because it’s overexfoliated it will produce more sebum. In oily skin this can lead to more breakouts: acne, cystic acne and small bumps. In dry skin, this can also cause more sebum production, but because dry skin doesn’t produce enough sebum so sometimes it’s trapped under your skin and causes small bumps.

So if you have uncontrollable breakout and small bumps, most likely you’re doing exfoliation the wrong way.

5. Shiny forehead! 

Have you ever stared at someone and can’t take off your eyes from their forehead because it’s too damn shiny! Happened often with me!

You want healthy radian skin and glowing, hence you do daily exfoliation.

But when you can see your own reflection in your forehead when you see yourself in the mirror, it’s not good either!


I’ll try to write another post on how to deal over exfoliated skin.


5 Telltale That Your Skin is Over Exfoliated

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