Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

Indonesian beauty scene is getting very exciting lately. Not only abundance of liquid market were launch with great quality but the skincare products are also quite good. Among the Indonesian skincare products review requests by my Instagram followers, the Votre Peau Vitamin C serum is among those that top the chart. So a couple months ago when Votre Peau contacted me and offered to send me their products, I happily said yes.

What is it? It’s a gel based vitamin C serum that is using Ethyl Ascorbic Acid as it main ingredients.

Ingredients, please see picture below.

How do I use it?

I use it after I double cleanse (acid and hydrating toner), then I apply this around 2-3 pumps. Massage it into my face. Afterward I like to apply another layer of serum (hydrating/collagen building serum in the morning and retinol and/or acid serum). I usually seal everything with oil and/or moisturiser.

I know some people like to apply their vitamin C directly after acid toner, but that didn’t work for me cause I find it too drying that the serum became ineffective. I like to apply treatment product on a hydrated and plumped skin. Or else, it’s very hard for my dry skin to absorb anything.

What do I think about it?

The combination of Salicylic Acid and low pH at around 3.5 makes this product really drying! So if you have dry skin like me, you will need to add hydrating serum or oil to counteract this problem. In my opinion, vitamin C itself isn’t drying. At least, it doesn’t feel as drying as Kojic Acid. However, it’s usually suspended in a carrier ingredient that is low in pH to maintain the stability of the product. Hence resulting it to be really drying on the skin. You can easily remedy this by adding a layer of hydrating serum. I take this opportunity by trying out the new Korean skin method hype the 7 skin method which really give good result to my skin.

I can see that within two weeks that my skin looks clearer but I haven’t seen any significant result for texture. My acne spot fade a bit. However, the low pH and salicylic acid combination no doubt result in really dry skin! I can see dry patches in a lot of places.

The gel texture tend to balls up when you apply your makeup. Especially if you’re using silicone based primer or foundation. They are not made for each other. Hence, I prefer using this during night time.

Worth to buy?

In terms of product quality and pricing it’s really value for money. At only around Rp 220,000 for 30 ml (that lasts for 2 months on me), this is an affordable and great product for helping the elasticity of your skin, make it even in complexion and slightly help with hyperpigmentation, than this is the serum for you. However, if you need heavy duty vitamin C serum I will invest more on Menard Fairlucent Whiter Essence or Novexpert Vitamin C Booster.

Votre Peau make a more lethal version of this vitamin C in collaboration with Maharis Clinic. The obvious difference is in the bottle, this is packed in brown bottle and the Maharis Clinic collaboration is packed in blue bottle. How they are different is something I will share in another post.

Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

2 thoughts on “Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

  1. ephong says:

    I’ve been using this serum with silicone primer too, but thx God it didn’t balls up on me.. I guess thats relative on different skin.. 🙂

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