The thing about exfoliating toner …

It’s very addictive!

Exfoliating toner. Here are some of the basic stuff to go by.

1. Exfoliating toner is not equal to astringent though both give tingling feeling and it’s in no way harsh!

2. Toners that contain acid: AHA/BHA/PHA. AHA: Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid. BHA: Salicylic Acid. PHA: Gluconolactone.

3. Use after cleansing followed by hydrating toner (those that contain hydrating ingredients and NOT astringent or acid). Trust me, you would want to double tone! Whoever told you that oily skin doesn’t need a toner doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Even oily skin will benefit from double toning. Continue reading “The thing about exfoliating toner …”

The thing about exfoliating toner …