Skincare Graveyard: Ole Henriksen Empower Featherweight Moisturizer

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It’s easy for me to love a product. One, apart from periodic sensitive attack shown by feasible redness and broken capillaries as well as dryness, I don’t have much problem with my skin. So that means most products work just well for me.

However, when I say I don’t like a product it tends to be for quite a specific reason. That specific reason why the Ole Henriksen Empower Featherweight Moisturizer goes right into the skincare graveyard is because of the scent. Oh it’s so meh. It smells so chemical and not in a clean pleasant way. It’s just off. For me, after all these skincare trials and errors, sensory experience play a big part when it comes to skincare.

As it happened to be, the scent isn’t the only reason I’m not liking this product. It’s said to be a weightless moisturiser that will quench thirsty skin and boost skin’s youthful vitality and glow.

It does feel lightweight but it doesn’t get absorbed easily which means layering it with an oil is impossible. Which means it’s not in any way featherweight! I’ve tried using this both day and night, for my dry skin this isn’t hydrating enough. On top of that, I didn’t see any glowing effect.

But, hey if this products work for you, it might not be the right one for me but it’s for you. Go ahead and continue using it. But for me … this is the end of the road for you and me.

Skincare Graveyard: Ole Henriksen Empower Featherweight Moisturizer