Tidak pernah ada kata terlambat untuk memulai hal baru

Seperti yang saya tuliskan di post ini, setelah saya pulang dari Singapur sebenarnya masih banyak sekali cerita seputar perbincangan saya dengan Anggun dan Sha yang ingin saya bagi. Sayangnya pada saat itu saya tidak bisa berjumpa dengan Priscilla Shunmugam, desainer dari label asal Singapura bernama Ong Shunmugam. Sebenarnya belum lama, sih, saya tahu label yang ternyata sudah ada dari tahun 2012. Pada Singapore Fashion Week tahun ini saya sempat melihat koleksi-koleksi dari Ong Shunmugam yang memadukan tekstil dan inspirasi desain dengan sentuhan Asia pada koleksinya. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, something so now yet with a touch of Asian tradition into it. 

Photo Courtesy of Glamasia

Di tahun 2012 Priscilla adalah satu-satunya wanita yang masuk ke dalam daftar Style Magazine Singapore’s Magazine Singapore ‘s 10th Anniversary’s list of The New Guard – daftar pendek para game-changers dan taste-makers yang berhasil mengerjakan sesuatu sesuai dengan gaya mereka. Di tahun yang sama ia juga terpilih sebagai Singapore Designer of the Year di ajang 2012 Elle Awards di Singapura.

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Tidak pernah ada kata terlambat untuk memulai hal baru

My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

I want to incorporate vitamin C into my skincare routine, but I haven’t yet found one that tick in all the right boxes. That is until Affi told me about this Sampar The Impossible C-Rum. Affi have even more sensitive skin than mine. We’ve both previously tested the OST C20 serum and Affi had quite the nasty effect. Knowing this, I combined my usual ‘balancing the skin’ cocktail of skincare arsenal to make the OST C20 works. Sure it worked wonderfully, but when I didn’t use the right combination, it made my skin red and itchy. Thus, I wasn’t that excited about vitamin C although I know how beneficial it is for the skin.

Knowing that this C-Rum is alright on her, I dive into a bottle of it without any hesitation.  

It’s packaged in a pipette drop bottle and a solid pink bottle that will protect the vitamin C from oxidising.

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My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

The day when I used my Trilogy Everything Balm wrongly :p


Last week I talked about using Trilogy products in my skin detox period and I left out the review of Trilogy Everything Balm because I want to do a dedicated review for it. I got this balm from a GWP and it’s only 5ml in size. During the skin detox period I used it as a cleanser.

It’s basically a thick balm that when you spread it out to your skin it melts away and even with only a dollop of it, it able to removes the most stubborn mascara and heaviest foundation. I’m swoon. I love the scent that is much nicer than the oil. Way nicer.

The balm is really thick and reminds me of Eve Lom and Bobbi Brown balm cleanser that you need to flannel off because water will just slide. After a week of using it as PM cleanser for the first cleanser, I still have half tub left. Do I love it? Yes. But …. there’s a but …

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The day when I used my Trilogy Everything Balm wrongly :p

What you can buy from Ben Scrub

In an attempt to provide information for my readers, I’ll do a series of informative ‘shopping destination’ on where to buy skincare products that I’ve posted on both my Instagram and in this blog. If, they’re available here in Indonesia.

I first came across Ben Scrub because I was searching for any Instagram or Online shop that sells Australian skincare product. I get most of my stash directly from Australia when friends are travelling to the down under. Much to my surprise, most of the new skincare that I’ve tried so far have been mind blowing so I keep recommending them. Case in point, the brand Antipodes and Goodness, they’re both terrific brands.

So Ben Scrub becomes my go to destination for all Australian skincare, also bath and body products. I’ve also convinced him to add one product that I’m head over heels!

So here are five things that you can purchase at Ben Scrub.

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What you can buy from Ben Scrub