Why Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream worth the splurge?

As I’ve previously mentioned practically everywhere, Menard is one brand that I truly love and that is not without reason. I love Japanese skincare and I love a Japanese skincare product that truly delivers.

I’ve previously reviewed the Tsukika cleansing cream, which is their starter line and I must say quite affordable as everything is priced between IDR 300,000 – 480,000. Now meet the older sister Lisciare, which tackles problem of skin elasticity and it opts to increase the water density of the skin so your skin looks more supple and bouncy, skin elasticity and firmness improves.

The price of Lisciare is double the price of Tsukika. Take for example the cleansing cream, Tsukika is priced at IDR 300,000 whereas Lisciare is priced at IDR 660,000. So why bother picking up Lisciare when you have Tsukika at half the price?


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Why Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream worth the splurge?

If you want to try Menard & Don’t know where to start

My Instagram followers know well that if there’s one brand that I love head over heels that would be Menard. I’ve just realised that I have very few Menard products reviewed yet. Except for the exception of the few posts that I’ve written for Female Daily, which for the purpose of sponsored review. Even my favourite go to line for hydration, Lisciare, I don’t have any single review yet on this.

As such, it will be my mission to get through the list of reviewing Menard products. Starting with Menard Tsukika cleansing cream!


Let me start with brief explanation on the Tsukika range. It’s the most basic range from Menard and product pricing starts from IDR 300,000 (cleansing cream) – IDR 480,000 (cream). I was shocked at first knowing that Menard actually have a line that’s quite affordable considering they have IDR 15 mil cream as well!

This range is perfect for those who just starting to use skincare and don’t know where to start as this offers basic maintenance for your skin. It’s also perfect if  you don’t have any problem with your skin and want to try Menard for the first time. Especially if you’re under 25. But if you’re somewhere above 28 and starting to feel the need to add more juice to your skincare I would suggest to opt for Liscare instead.

The star ingredient in this range is Selenicereus flower extract or Bunga Wijaya Kusuma which only blooms on midnight. The scent of the whole line resembles closely with this flower and it is a delightful faint floral scent.

Now onto the review.

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If you want to try Menard & Don’t know where to start

The ultimate eye cream splurge & it’s worth it: Menard Embellir

If you ask me what eye cream that worth splurging. The answer would be Menard Embellir Eye Cream. I think Menard is lucky enough that I got to try most of their products when I’m not too picky with ingredients. I tried most of the stuff with a clean slate and no expectation, despite the Embellir line being a very pricey line. The three products from the line that caught my attention are the liquid (a hybrid of hydrating toner and emulsion), extract (basically a serum and yes I need to review this soon) and lastly the eye cream.


What is it? Menard Embellir Eye Cream, the eye cream from one of the most expensive lines sof Menard. After this line, they still have the ultra luxurious line called Authent.

How much? It’s Rp 2,832,000 for 15 ml and you can get it online at Sociolla.

Who is it for? For someone willing to splurge. Tried everything out there with no result. Have either dryness issue on the eye area which leads on fine lines or have deep fine lines and sagging issue. This could be the eye cream that answer your prayer.

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The ultimate eye cream splurge & it’s worth it: Menard Embellir

October empties!

I’ve posted several empties on the Instagram but just realised that I haven’t done that regularly for the blog. Especially considering that #missionempties was a big part of my skincare routine couple of weeks back. Another reason is because last month’s empties contain some of my HG products so they deserve their own post.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.28.24 AM

First of the lot, Menard Lisciare Cleansing Cream. No need for introduction this one and the whole Lisciare range definitely a HG skincare line for me. I particularly love this cleanser because it’s cream so it feels great on my dry skin, it turns oily in no time and it has that grip and slip that I needed to cleanse my entire face. Unlike it’s younger sister Tsukika range, this cleanser removes even the most stubborn mascara at ease if you massage it thoroughly around the eyes. It’s also easier to remove it with water. This is probably my third or fourth tube and I already have one spare in stock.

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October empties!

Three Skincare Brands That I have Brand Loyalty To

Considering I have started using skincare when I was in Junior Highschool, I’ve probably use skincare for more than two decades. So it’s no surprise when I said … ah, yes I’ve used such and such brand a decade ago. If you don’t see them in my routine, it doesn’t mean I don’t love them or I haven’t used them. Considering the length of time I’ve been using skincare I’ve tried so many skincare products out there and to keep up with the vast array of choice I like to keep my option open. So I try not to stick to one brand only. Here are three brands that many of their products I’ve used and I recommend them time and time again and I have brand loyalty to. It appears in the order of which I started using them.

1. Clinique

My mom introduced me to their 3-step system: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Such a simple routine but it works. Their clarifying toner has been there even before the hype of exfolating/acid toner. Unfortunately, most of the clarifying toner contains alcohol with the only exception of the Mild Clarifying Toner. If you’re not ‘allergic’ to alcohol the clarifying toner in no 2 should be decent enough and with the added hyaluronic acid in its renewed version couple of years ago it’s not as drying as the original version that I used when I was teenager. Other than that, their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion garner a cult following because it’s light and hydrating. But it acts more as an emulsion rather than a moisturiser. Other products such as Turnaround line, Superdefense and Moisture Surge moisturisers are too die for and worth checking.

Clinique at its core is an effective skincare, no nonsense, great beauty consultant at their counters (which is rare for Indonesia) who understands their products and also at a reasonable price point for department store skincare brand.

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Three Skincare Brands That I have Brand Loyalty To

365 in Skincare: My AM Routine when Having Acne Breakout

Kalau mengikuti akun Instagram saya, pasti 2 minggu belakangan ini udah bosen, ya, “dengerin” saya ngeluh masalah jerawatan. Untuk seseorang yang jarang banget jerawatan this is major! Nggak mungkin lah, kalau nggak pernah bermasalah kulitnya. Begitu pula saya. Biasanya sih kalau PMS adalah satu atau dua. Tapi kali ini, begitu hilang satu muncul satu lagi. Gede-gede pula! Sebelnya, jerawat yang timbul bukan jerawat yang ada matanya, tapi jerawat batu. Ini sebenarnya kesalahan saya sendiri, sih.

Awalnya karena mudik ke Malang. Pas mudik ke Malang saya tahu betul kalau di Malang sedang dingin, around 20 degrees. Nah, di antara itu saya sempat ke Blitar, di mana udaranya tidak sama seperti Malang tapi lebih berdebu. Saya sudah siap tempur. Bawa segala macam deep cleansing mask dan juga siap sedia Sunday Riley Artemis dan History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence karena kedua produk tersebut paling ampuh membantu menyeimbangkan kondisi kulit saya.

Sayangnya, begitu balik ke Jakarta saya mulai lalai dan enak-enakan. Padahl udah di Jakarta sedang panas-panasnya. Yang terjadi adalah dua minggu kemudian mulai deh muncul satu persatu jerawat! Yang paling bikin bete adalah jerawat batu ini sakit banget dan ganggu karena gede banget. Jadinya saya jadi gatel pencet-pencet dan jadilah berbekas dan merusak jaringan kulit *sigh*.

Anyway below are the skincare that I’m using in the morning to tackle this problem.

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365 in Skincare: My AM Routine when Having Acne Breakout