Another winner from Merumaya, the day cream!

I used to laugh at the idea of day cream. What day cream? I use a separate sunscreen protector. But then I came across of the idea of day cream from the Japanese skincare whereby day cream is actually the sunscreen! But instead of just protecting you from the sun it’s actually packed with extras because your hydration during the day comes from milk lotion or emulsion and not your day cream. It’s supposed to work as a protector so that whatever you put beforehand works in harmony on your skin.

So I accept the fact that day cream is not a joke.

Also, I come to seek for a good day cream because I use multiple layers of skincare because it seems to work best for my dry skin. If I have to use separate moisturiser and sunscreen it sometimes feels too “heavy”. As such, I look for a good day cream. On the day that I only go out for a meeting and not for the whole day, SPF 15 and some bit of PA would be acceptable because after 4 hours you need to reapply anyway to make it an effective protector. I apply this after my oil, that’s why I just want to simplify using a day cream instead of a separate moisturiser and sunscreen.

You know how I love Merumaya Recharge Night Cream and how I enjoy their signature scent eversince I first try their cleansing balm? So there’s no surprise that I got myself a Merumaya Youth Preservation Moisturiser SPF 15. The people at Merumaya called this Power of 3 because it gives an effective moisturisation, anti-oxidants to fight all the nasties (sun rays, pollutions and external agressor) and SPF 15 protection to protect you from photoageing.

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Another winner from Merumaya, the day cream!

My night time recharger: Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream

Let me give you a bit of a break from all the cleanser craze review. I have been putting the review of this night cream for the longest time. Not that I’ve completely out of it, I think it’s a must. Merumaya is a British brand – made and from – by Maleka Dattu whose said to be at the cornerstone of the launch of Lancome Genefique. Exciting product that one.

The promise of Merumaya is to deliver effective product. Which means it will do what it’s written in the box. I’m particularly intrigued by this because after trying out their cleansing balm, which is to me among one of my Holy Grails, the love scent kind of stick on me. I was completely bought in to the whole effective skincare mumbo jumbo simply by that lovely cleanser.

As luck would have it, the lovely team from Merumaya contacted me and they deliver this to my doorstep. To be precise, to my friend’s doorstep in Singapore, because we all know the custom nightmare in Indonesia.

I would love to explain to you in detail what this Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream that I’m about to review all about. But Maleka explained it better than I will ever do justice to it here. You’re forewarned that it’s going to get a little bit scientific. But after viewing the video you’ll be confidence that she truly knows what she’s talking about. A woman after my own heart – truly know the in and out of skincare ingredients.

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My night time recharger: Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream

HG Cleanser: Merumaya Cleansing Balm

Merumaya cleansing balm goes to the HG status quite easily. It tick all the right boxes of a good cleanser for me.


This melting cleansing balm is packaged in a tub and the texture is more like gel balm instead of buttery balm. This is quite different from the texture of Clinique cleansing balm that I’m so used to for years. But the gel like texture actually gives a really nice slip when you massage it around the face without it melting into a complete oil. There’s still a slip and grip factor there even if you’ve been massaging it for ten minutes, completely unlike the traditional cleansing balm.

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HG Cleanser: Merumaya Cleansing Balm

Recent Purchase: Caroline Hiron Approved Skincare

Semenjak keranjingan baca Caroline Hiron saya jadi sering mencatat produk-produk yang dipakainya. Tapi sayangnya kebanyakan produk atau malah hampir semua yang dipakainya tidak ada di Indonesia. Nasib! 

Jadi biasanya kalau memang secara ulasan saya ngiler, langsung, deh masuk ke daftar wishlist saya. Kalau kebetulan ada yang menawarkan mau titip apa langsug deh pilih-pilih dari daftar tersebut.

Dua produk terakhir yang saya beli karena ulasannya atau sekedar karena sering lihat di akun Instagram-nya adalah Hylamide SubQ Eyes dan Merumaya Cleansing Balm.

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Recent Purchase: Caroline Hiron Approved Skincare