Inexpensive cream cleanser from Goodnes

Amidst being a new player in the skincare industry, Goodness curated small selection of products have gain many strong followers because their products are inexpensive and exceed the expectation in terms of performance versus price.  The first product that I got from this brand was their Chia Seed Oil, which is the centre piece of their star ingredients. I was blown away by how good the texture are and result on my skin by merely only paying AUD 20 for this oil. I was pretty curious about the rest of the range, but moisturiser is not in my option of to-buy list because it will take sometime to finish. So I snatched the Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser instead. It’s priced for AUD 16.99 for 150 ml!

First of all, I love the simple packaging with just a hint of tongue-in-cheek marketing gimmick in the way they presented the information on the packaging.

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Inexpensive cream cleanser from Goodnes

If you’re into jamu slash spa-like scent, you’ll love Hallelujah Cleanser!

I started with one little starter pack of Antipodes skincare and it’s now spiralling out of control. I don’t think I will come across a product from this brand that I will not love. But I haven’t tried everything, so there’s still 50% chance that I might find something that I don’t like. But now is the time to talk about yet another product that I love.

The product that I’m going to review today is the Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser. I got this from Benscrub and it retails for Rp 549,000. This is a PR sample that I got from the lovely Ben, but I have to pick the product that I want so I don’t end up with a product that is not suited for my skin or I don’t like. Perfect arrangement.


Before I begin my review let me tell you about the scent. It’s STRONG! It needs to written in caption because it’s that strong. It reminds me of the scent of Indonesian jamu and all the traditional spices. But if you’re into the natural spices spa scent, than you’ll have no problem with the scent. I know some people who might be put off simply by the scent. On top of that, the scent kind of lingers long after you wash your cleanser. Continue reading “If you’re into jamu slash spa-like scent, you’ll love Hallelujah Cleanser!”

If you’re into jamu slash spa-like scent, you’ll love Hallelujah Cleanser!

Antipodes Worship Serum for antioxidant benefit


My collection of Antipodes skincare grow from zero to many in only short span of time. It’s easy to love this brand. The products are all natural, they use some of the best ingredients and of good quality, a really appealing packaging, great texture and scent! With the exception of only several items, most of their products smell wonderful. Most importantly they all work great on my skin so far.

One of the very first serums that I tried from Antipodes is this Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Serum. I picked this one because at that time I needed extra antioxidant  on my skincare arsenal and my fellow skincare addict Nopai and Rika both have tried this and always praise this product. So I took the plunge and get a bottle myself.

What is it?

From the website: Keep skin youthful! Fortify skin cells against early ageing and free radical damage with this water-based serum accenting the antioxidant potency of New Zealand-grown superfruit.

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Antipodes Worship Serum for antioxidant benefit