Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream: A Moisturiser That Will Give Your Skin a Healthy Vital Glow

It’s been a while since I used any product from Kiehl’s. I used to be obsessed with their product because it’s easy to get a sample before you purchase their product so you can test whether you’re going to love their product or not. Apparently, many of the product that I sampled turn into purchases. I especially love their toners and eye creams.

So when I heard that Kiehl’s is coming out with a new moisturiser with Ginseng and Manuka Honey as main ingredients and promises in giving your skin its vital glow back? I’m really curious. It’s time to rekindle my love with Kiehl’s.

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What is it? It’s a moisturiser, that you apply last on your skincare routine after anything else. Whether you only use the basic skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturize or you’re the kind of girl that do the whole 10-step skincare routine. It goes at the very last.

When do I use it? I’ve been using it for both day and night. Day time underneath my sunscreen and night time over the oil (yes, I’m using both oil and moisturiser because my skin is that dry!).

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Kiehl’s Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream: A Moisturiser That Will Give Your Skin a Healthy Vital Glow

My night time recharger: Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream

Let me give you a bit of a break from all the cleanser craze review. I have been putting the review of this night cream for the longest time. Not that I’ve completely out of it, I think it’s a must. Merumaya is a British brand – made and from – by Maleka Dattu whose said to be at the cornerstone of the launch of Lancome Genefique. Exciting product that one.

The promise of Merumaya is to deliver effective product. Which means it will do what it’s written in the box. I’m particularly intrigued by this because after trying out their cleansing balm, which is to me among one of my Holy Grails, the love scent kind of stick on me. I was completely bought in to the whole effective skincare mumbo jumbo simply by that lovely cleanser.

As luck would have it, the lovely team from Merumaya contacted me and they deliver this to my doorstep. To be precise, to my friend’s doorstep in Singapore, because we all know the custom nightmare in Indonesia.

I would love to explain to you in detail what this Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream that I’m about to review all about. But Maleka explained it better than I will ever do justice to it here. You’re forewarned that it’s going to get a little bit scientific. But after viewing the video you’ll be confidence that she truly knows what she’s talking about. A woman after my own heart – truly know the in and out of skincare ingredients.

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My night time recharger: Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream

First Love: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is my first love when it comes to facial oil. Not a day goes by that I thank Lena for introducing me to this wonderful concoction of Rosa Canina Seeds oil – in other word, the wonderful Rosehip oil. Trilogy is my go to brand for  anything Rosehip related. Back in the days this is quite a famous brand because it has the endorsement of celebrities. Upon trying this product, I can see why those celebrities put their sign of approval in this brand because it’s really that good.

What does Rosehip oil do? It helps to heal scar, which means if you have any nasty scar from post acne battle, this will help significantly. It makes your skin appear brighter but I think this is due to your skin condition to be at its good condition and well hydrated so all in all it appears more radiant. Also, it makes your skin feel plumper.

During my skin detox, I used products from Trilogy because they work and they don’t have complicated ingredient list. It’s a tight-knit lot that works effectively with each other.

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First Love: Trilogy Rosehip Oil