Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

Few weeks back, I shared the serums that I used during that period of time. Much of it stay but some of it have to go. Because they’re finished. So I need to add some more serums into the mix to keep things going.

For the last couple of weeks my main concern have been hydration. Because of the constant use of retinol and acids my skin is really dry. But they’re necessary to tackle my acnes and also the spots. But all of it came with a price of dry and parched skin. So last month and this month, not only that I focus on texture but also hydration.

Want to know what are they? After the jump!

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Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

Battle of the Acid Serum: Liquid Gold, Glow Serum, Good Genes and Novexpert

I love to use acid/resurfacing serum – basically a serum containing a higher concentration of AHA/BHA to help the cellular turnover. There’s the daily exfoliation with the acid toner but there’s also a more intensive exfoliation treatment with acid serum. ¬†Usually I incorporate this once or twice weekly or a full week every month. Depending on what my skin need at the time. If I have a really nasty spots I will do the full week treatment. Otherwise I will do the once or twice weekly treatment.

How do I use them? Usually I will do my normal double cleansing, followed by hydrating mask (I have ¬†very dry skin so I really need this to keep my skin hydrated), a mild acid toner followed by the serum. I will use no other product after the acid serum to let the serum really work effectively throughout the night. I know there’s some pros and cons letting the acid works on its own, some people consider it an utter bollocks but some praise how effective it is by leaving it to work alone with nothing else in its way. For me, I leave up to you to try it how often you use it and whether you use is alone or combining it with other products.

In fact, sometimes when I need just an extra oomph the next morning without going the whole nine yards I would use one of these serums below in a serum step, after double toning, followed by treatment serum and moisturiser. Whatever works for you, love.

The four acid serums that I’ve tried and loving it so far are :

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Gold, this is new to my Skincare Arsenal so there’s no review yet. But I’ve been experiencing a positive result from the get go so I include it here.
  2. Pixi Skintreats Overnight Glow Serum, full review here.
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes, full review here.
  4. Novexpert Peeling Night Cream, full review here, and the only one available in Indonesia.

I know some people will ask me about Paula’s Choice exfoliators. FYI, I’m not using any of the Paula’s Choice exfoliators – toner or serum – because when I tried two samples from her products that contain acids, I have a serious negative reaction of redness, major stings and it itch to high heaven. This is not to say that her product is bad but it seems that I don’t bode well with her product.

More about how I use the four of these after the jump!

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Battle of the Acid Serum: Liquid Gold, Glow Serum, Good Genes and Novexpert

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, a milder resurfacing serum alternative

You’ve heard me praising about Sunday Riley Good Genes before, but I have my reservation toward this product. First of all Sunday Riley Good Genes is a 40% unneutralised lactic acid at pH 2.6, which makes it a really powerful resurfacing serum that works effectively with the low pH and it keeps on working all night long as you sleep because it’s unneutralised. Especially when you’re using only Sunday Riley Good Genes. I love this stuff because after using it for a full week my face would look ever so radiant and bright. The texture is super! But I can’t shake the feeling that it’s too much of an exfoliating action for me. Some of you may love it, but I would want a lighter alternative. Secondly, it’s bloody expensive.

Of course, I find a dupe in Novexpert Peeling Night Cream and it’s been a staple in my arsenal for months now. It’s a cocktail of Gluconolactone, Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid at 10% formulation. On top of that there’s Papaya Enzyme and Vitamin C. A true dream team there. With a third of the price of the Sunday Riley, it offers result that is almost the same. I said, almost.

But of course, I’m always in the search for something new. That’s where this comes in.

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Pixi Overnight Glow Serum, a milder resurfacing serum alternative