My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

I want to incorporate vitamin C into my skincare routine, but I haven’t yet found one that tick in all the right boxes. That is until Affi told me about this Sampar The Impossible C-Rum. Affi have even more sensitive skin than mine. We’ve both previously tested the OST C20 serum and Affi had quite the nasty effect. Knowing this, I combined my usual ‘balancing the skin’ cocktail of skincare arsenal to make the OST C20 works. Sure it worked wonderfully, but when I didn’t use the right combination, it made my skin red and itchy. Thus, I wasn’t that excited about vitamin C although I know how beneficial it is for the skin.

Knowing that this C-Rum is alright on her, I dive into a bottle of it without any hesitation.  

It’s packaged in a pipette drop bottle and a solid pink bottle that will protect the vitamin C from oxidising.

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My favourite kind of rum, Sampar C-Rum

The Vitamin C Serum Step Confusion and my Skincare Arsenal


Vitamin C serum is something of a nightmare when it comes to application step. It stirs a lot of confusion.  I won’t go into detail here but I wanna show you how I wear mine. This is not necessarily right or the best step but upon several methods of application I feel that this is the most comfortable for me, shorter waiting time and it’s still effective.

So here’s the deal with vitamin C serum. It may not be exfoliating ingredient per se but it’s one of those serum that works best on cleanse skin, applied directly to skin and works effectively on low pH. The pH for vitamin C serum to work best is around 2-4 which means skin have to be acidic. In most journal I read, it’s cited that pH at around 3 is best. Anyway, I go by the 2-4 ballpark because it gives me room to move around.

When applying AHA and BHA, a lot of people suggested to go 1. vitamin C, 2. BHA and 3. AHA. You need to wait between application. The logic is because vitamin C need to go on bare skin and need the lowest pH. BHA goes deeper into the skin than AHA. Then there’s the AHA debacle whether it’s Glycolic or Lactic because the latter have bigger molecule so it needs to go last. Confusing?

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The Vitamin C Serum Step Confusion and my Skincare Arsenal

The Dupe for Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Good Genes Flash Facial Effect

If you’ve read my review on Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser, you must know by now that I love the effect of mixing this cleanser with my resurfacing serum which is either Sunday Riley Good Genes or Novexpert Peeling Night Cream. The result is like an instant flash facial. I have that smooth and glowing skin that is also plumped and look more alive in an instant. It’s a truly truly smooth canvas for any makeup that follows. Hence, I love to do this flash facial whenever I have a big day or event.

However both Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Genes cost arms and legs. Though I have found a dupe, well an almost dupe, for the Good Genes, but I’ve yet to find one for Ceramic Slip.

That is until I found the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask. Oh, I love that same flash facial result with a tinge of lush scent. With the Rupiah condition that keeps on weakening against Dollar, the price of that Tata Harper mask becomes really pricey. Also, I’ve not found anyone that have this product on ready stock. But the fact remains, the result of this mask is the same as the combination of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and Good Genes minus the hassle of pre-mixing them.

While I’m still contemplating on whether to get Tata Harper or not, considering the effect is only a temporarily and for the purposes of that instant pick me up, there in my doorstep a dear friend sent me a package containing Sampar Equalizing Foam Peel. Which at first I thought only a simple foam that have acid or some kind of peeling agent. Well, I was wrong! This is supposed to be applied as a 2-minute mask on a dry skin which you can then lather up with a bit of water and massage it before you rinse it off.

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The Dupe for Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip + Good Genes Flash Facial Effect