Is Santa Maria Novella Rose Water worth to buy?

What is Santa Maria Novella? It’s not a name of a beauty brand rather according to Wikipedia it’s a church in Florence, Italy, situated just across from the main railway station which shares its name. Chronologically, it is the first great basilica in Florence, and is the city’s principal Dominican church.

However this church that have a Perfume and Pharmaceutical along with it. They offer wide range of perfume, bath and body, ointment and balm as well as face care. It’s really a place that I would want to visit one day.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 1.56.20 PM.png

Other than that, the design of the label is truly decadent and Instagramable. Everyone keep asking me what is it and whether it’s good or not?

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Is Santa Maria Novella Rose Water worth to buy?

Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?


I’m appalled by how many people asked me what’s best for their sensitive skin. This month alone there are plenty of questions surrounding the best skincare for sensitive skin. But hold on. Do you really have sensitive skin? Or it’s all in your head that you have sensitive skin.

This article by WebMD is pretty good in understanding what’s sensitive skin is.

Here are several things that you have to ask yourself.  A set of question to come up with a prognosis of what’s truly your skin condition is. Do you think you’re experiencing just a bad reaction because a product that doesn’t suit you? Is there any ingredient that cause you to breakout? Have you experience this before? If you have, is this because of a certain condition – change in weather, stress, etc – or is it cause by a common string of ingredient in the different products that have caused your breakouts?

Think about it for a second.

I’m not sure how to define a sensitive skin. But all my life the issue of sensitive skin is not a foreign issue within my family. It runs in the family. In fact in many cases of sensitive skin it’s hereditary.  Continue reading “Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?”

Do you have or you think you have sensitive skin?