Non Drying Vitamin C Serum: Caudalie Vine Active Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum

For years, vitamin C serum is my enemy. One that I know good for my skin, I would love be bestfriend with, but it’s so sensitising and drying that I couldn’t find myself to love it. But I think the biggest problem about vitamin C serum is it’s very drying and on my dehydrated skin it caused redness and sensitise my skin. So what I did was trying to make the vitamin C serum work by layering it with hydration toner that’s very hydrating and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) serum afterward to sandwich hydration in between the vitamin C serum. It works! So from that day on, I’m never without vitamin C serum.

Apart from the Sampar C-Rum – that’s very light in terms of vitamin C dosage, and also texture – I have never found vitamin C serum that I can use without sandwiching it with hydration. That’s until I found Caudalie Vine Active Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum. I tried this serum with no expectation, as my experience wasn’t all positive with this brand. With the exception of their Vinoperfect essence which I’m deeply in love with.

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Non Drying Vitamin C Serum: Caudalie Vine Active Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum

5 Hal Yang Perlu Kalian Ketahui Tentang Rutin Perawatan Wajah Saya

Saya sering sekali ditanya, “Kak nggak apa tuh kulitnya tiap hari ganti-ganti skincare?” Padahal sejujurnya saya tidak tiap hari, loh, berganti produk seenaknya. Saya banyak berbagi rutin perawatan wajah saya di Instagram dengan menggunakan hashtag #deszellskincarearsenal. Nah, sebenarnya saya punya beberapa “aturan” dasar tentang rutin yang saya ciptakan untuk kulit saya.

1. Strictly no SLS and low or neutral pH cleanser

Kalau masalah cleanser, saya pribadi menghindari SLS. Karena ini ternyata pemicu alergi saya yang terbesar. Selain itu saya juga sebisa mungkin menghindari foaming cleanser atau kalaupun ada surfactant atau campuran airnya saya mengusahakan untuk selalu tahu bahwa produk tersebut memiliki pH rendah atau netral. Bisa dibaca lebih lanjut di post ini bagaimana cara saya memilih cleanser.

I have several cleansers opened at any given time. It could be more than 10! Karena menurut saya cleanser itu produk yang dibilas, jadi menurut saya kalau sering diganti juga tidak apa-apa. Ini menurut pengalaman pribadi saya. Biasanya saya memilih cleanser sesuai mood Kalau hari ini lagi mood pake cleanser A ya saya pake itu. Belum tentu besoknya punya mood yang sama.

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5 Hal Yang Perlu Kalian Ketahui Tentang Rutin Perawatan Wajah Saya

Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

Indonesian beauty scene is getting very exciting lately. Not only abundance of liquid market were launch with great quality but the skincare products are also quite good. Among the Indonesian skincare products review requests by my Instagram followers, the Votre Peau Vitamin C serum is among those that top the chart. So a couple months ago when Votre Peau contacted me and offered to send me their products, I happily said yes.

What is it? It’s a gel based vitamin C serum that is using Ethyl Ascorbic Acid as it main ingredients.

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Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

Tried & Tested: ULTIMA II ProCollagen range

My current skincare routine is not exciting at all because I’m in a path of using Retinoic Acid as prescribed by the dermatologist. So there’s not much active ingredients that I can include within my #deszellskincarearsenal. However, when you’re in Retinoic Acid journey, sometimes that’s killing me is the dehydration and the texture of the skin that feels worst before it gets better. Especially that I’m currently fasting, the dryness and dehydration are severe.

So when I received this ULTIMA II ProCollagen range, I was welcoming them with open arms. I have such high hopes looking at the ingredients alone. But first thing first, what does this range do? It targets four early signs of ageing (or ageing in that matter) that are wrinkles, lost of elasticity, dullness and roughness.

There are several stellar ingredients list here but nothing too “strong”, for lack of better word to explain, but it’s also effective.

  1. Hydroxyproline is known for its skin-conditioning properties and often found in collagen and elastin. Collagen helps the building block of our skin to keep it looking youthful, smooth and doesn’t collapse.
    Skin will look more elastic and enhanced in terms of texture. It’s also known as a great cell-communicating ingredients, which as the skin age the cells within the skin decrease in its ability to communicate with one another. It’s what you want your anti ageing ingredient to do.
  2. Sodium Hyaluronate which add and maintain hydration and hence enhance the look of the skin to be less dull and rough.
  3. Witch hazel and Willow Bark that smoothen and tighten overall look of the skin.
  4. Horse Chestnut Seed is high in Saponins, Flavonoids and Fatty Oil that alltogether will nourish the skin.

I have with me two products from the range which are ULTIMA II ProCollagen Extrema Face & Neck and ProCollagen Extrema Day Lotion SPF 30 PA+++

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Tried & Tested: ULTIMA II ProCollagen range

Yuli Liquid Courage is the best antioxidant serum I’ve tried so far

I’ve been talking about antioxidant serum for so long now, I’ve even reviewed several that I’ve used so far here. I think they’re important as a way to prevent and maintain your skin to be at their tip top condition as well as to evades and neutralises the negative effect of UV rays. With that said, I have yet to see significant change in my skin when I’m using antioxidant serum. I do however see how significantly my skin look easily tired, getting more sensitive because of the UV rays and way easily tanned when I’m not using antioxidant serum. I think the effect is more on when I’m not using it, my skin isn’t as fit.

But that is until I had my eczema attack and I can’t use sunscreen because my derm is afraid that my skin will react negatively against the sunscreen ingredients. After almost a month of not using sunscreen and my skin didn’t get tanned easily, looked dull and greyish and my complexion remained even tone, I know how excellent my antioxidant serum is and it truly works!


What did I use? I used the Yuli Skincare Liquid Courage which is pretty steep in terms of price at USD 50 for a trial size of 7.5ml and USD 125 for 30ml. At today’s exchange rate that is pretty wow. I considered myself lucky when a fellow skincare enthusiast that I get acquainted on Instagram offer me this bottle because it didn’t suit her.

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Yuli Liquid Courage is the best antioxidant serum I’ve tried so far

Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

Few weeks back, I shared the serums that I used during that period of time. Much of it stay but some of it have to go. Because they’re finished. So I need to add some more serums into the mix to keep things going.

For the last couple of weeks my main concern have been hydration. Because of the constant use of retinol and acids my skin is really dry. But they’re necessary to tackle my acnes and also the spots. But all of it came with a price of dry and parched skin. So last month and this month, not only that I focus on texture but also hydration.

Want to know what are they? After the jump!

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Current serum in rotation: March-April Edition

A touch of Su-Man life changing experience

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.48.57 PM

I’m always adventurous when it comes to skincare. I’m a loyal customer of Cult Beauty, they have great product lineup when it comes to skincare and really great customer service. With that said, I also love to lurk around for the brands selection at Cult Beauty and looking for their review.

One brand that come to my attention was Su-Man that created by facialist to the starlets of Hollywood Su-Man Hsu. Anne Hathaway described Su-Man Hsu’s facial “a life changing experience”. That got to mean something, right?

In Cult Beauty you can purchase the discover set called Skin Reborn Essential Discovery Collection for the price of £50 which contains Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil (40ml), Exfoliating Facial Polish (40ml) and Velvet Skin Brightening Serum (15ml). The serum alone costs £98 for 30 ml which means you’re paying for half the full size of the serum and you get the cleanser and exfoliator for free! Since I was curious about the brand, I leap without thinking and got myself the whole set. 

So here’s my full review regarding the three products in the set. You’re forewarned, this is going to be a lengthy post because it consist of three products review.

1. Su-Man Velvet Skin Brightening Serum

What is it? Taken from Cult Beauty

Velvet Skin Brightening Serum is brimming with powerful firming and anti-ageing extracts. Hyaluronic acid has a plumping effect, flooding skin with precious moisture to decrease the visibility of fine lines and wrinkle, while rosehip seed oil (a rich source of essential fatty acids) helps promote skin repair and restore its strength and elasticity. Continue reading “A touch of Su-Man life changing experience”

A touch of Su-Man life changing experience