4 Hal yang Perlu Kalian Tahu Dalam Memilih Skincare Untuk Ibu Hamil (dan Menyusui)

Salah satu pertanyaan yang paling sering saya terima dan terkadang membuat saya naik pitam adalah: skincare yang tepat untuk ibu hamil. Please bear with me, after my rant I will surely explain what kind of skincare is best suited for pregnant women out there. But please, do allow me to rant for a bit.

Pada dasarnya, sebenarnya informasi ini memang mudah dicari di luaran sana. Kalau secara general, saya akan bilang bahwa lebih baik kalau memang bingung tanyakan hal penting ini kepada Dokter Kandungan kalian. Kenapa? Karena yang paling tahu yang terbaik untuk kehamilan kalian ya kalian sendiri yang sedang mengandung dan Dokter Kandungan. I don’t have the capacity to answer that question.

But with that said, I do have several tips. But let me share couple of pointers first.

No 1: Over the counter skincare are usually safe for pregnant women.

Produk yang dijual dengan bebas sudah melalui beberapa macam tes dan juga sudah dipastikan aman untuk digunakan untuk khalayak umum, oleh karena itu bisa dijual dengan bebas tanpa harus ada pengawasan dari ahli (Dokter Kulit). Nah, jadi pada prinsipnya produk yang dijual bebas, seharusnya aman untuk wanita hamil.

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4 Hal yang Perlu Kalian Tahu Dalam Memilih Skincare Untuk Ibu Hamil (dan Menyusui)

5 Telltale That Your Skin is Over Exfoliated

I’m an avid double toning advocate, because I believe that daily exfoliation will help your overall skin complexion.

Here are some checklist of posts that you need to read first before continuing with this post to get yourself familiar with acid/exfoliating toner and double toning:

  1. A short description about exfoliating toner to get you started.
  2. All you need to know about exfoliating toner: the what, why, how and some gist on the products. (Bahasa Indonesia)
  3. Why daily and weekly exfoliation is important?
  4. Most importantly, why you need to do it responsibly!
  5. The most important question, do you need acid toner or not? (Bahasa Indonesia)

Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s start!

You want daily exfoliation, just enough but not too much! But how do you know when you’re overdoing it?

1. Drastic changes to your skin

Too oily or too dry. Know your skin condition, if it changes rapidly after daily exfoliation or heavy duty acid treatment, most likely your skin is over exfoliated. If you have oily skin and it excessively producing sebum, it means your skin is becoming dehydrated from all the exfoliation. Vice versa, dry skin can feel real tight when it’s over exfoliated.

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5 Telltale That Your Skin is Over Exfoliated

Why you shouldn’t wipe off your cleansing milk with cotton pad?

Last week I wrote a budget beauty skincare post. In that post I mentioned about cleansing milk and how you shouldn’t wiped it off with cotton pad. Apparently, there are few questions regarding this. So to make matter clear. Let’s do a post.

What do you use cleansing milk for?

Cleansing milk can be used for first or second cleanser. But to my experience, most cleansing milk doesn’t really cleanse waterproof makeup thoroughly. There are few exceptions in the market that does. But for the life of me I couldn’t think of any at this time. So perhaps there isn’t?

Anyway, if you’re wearing very minimal makeup or only sunscreen you can get away with using cleansing milk to cleanse your makeup.

But other than that I prefer using cleansing milk as a morning cleanser or second cleanser. But for drier skin there are times when cleansing milk feels much better and comfortable than gel, balm and oil.

How do you use cleansing milk?

Use it on dry skin or damp, never on wet skin as it will disintegrate cleansing milk real fast and no cleansing action done at all. Massage it allover your face and rinse with water until your skin is clean.

Never use cotton pad!

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Why you shouldn’t wipe off your cleansing milk with cotton pad?

Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive


Lately, I’ve been asked a lot about budget skincare. But when you think about the word ‘budget’ what exactly is the range? Apparently the range goes from USD 10 – 30 dollars or in Indonesia it’s somewhere around below IDR 100,000 or below IDR 300,000. So I thought why not make a post about it.

I think Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find good products in drugstores for as low as IDR 50,000. Skincare is more of a commitment instead of budget. Whatever your budget is, the time you’re willing to commit for using your skincare is more important.

Skincare is a commitment to use it twice a day and without fail. Consider this as investment. A lot of my friends are now entering their 40’s and when I see them, I see the reaffirmation that using skincare truly makes a difference. Their skin looks younger, fresher and healthier compared to other people their age who doesn’t really take care of their skin. I think when you’re in your teenager and 20’s you have it easy. If your lifestyle isn’t really affecting your skin, your skin condition bounce back really fast. But as you enter your 30’s you can really start to see the difference, and when you finally hit 40’s that’s the defining mark.

With that said, please do take care of your skin as soon as possible. You can have it as easy as cleanse, tone, moisturise and protect with sunscreen. You can read it all in this article if you don’t know where to begin.

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Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive

Skincare for Beginners: when, what & how

Remember when I held the giveaway couple of weeks back? One of the requests was for an article on skincare for beginner. I aim to please, so here it is.

I’ll try to write it down as concise and short as possible, but knowing me, it’s hard to not get carried away and to get directly to the point.

Here goes.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 9.20.54 PM

it doesn’t have to get this complicated!

When do you need to start using skincare?

I think as soon as you see trouble in your skin, that’s a cue for your for start using product to help tackle this problem. Sometimes when you hit puberty say in your early teens you start noticing hormonal acne. In some other cases, genetic can causes severe skin condition like dehydration and eczema, like my daughter which not even 10 years old yet but her skin is dry like a dessert so she starts on using products to help with this condition to ease discomfort.

If you’re blessed with good skin, I say somewhere in your mid teen years you can start using simple skincare routine and don’t go too complicated. If you’re in your 20s you will definitely need to start taking care of your skin religiously.

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Skincare for Beginners: when, what & how

All you need to know about Acid/Exfoliating Toner!

Exfoliating toner atau acid toner memang beberapa bulan belakangan ini kayaknya lagi heboh banget, ya? Salah satu alasannya mungkin karena gembar gembornya Caroline Hirons tentang betapa pentingnya double toning. Karena kayaknya pada getol ingin mencari informasi dan mencoba double toning ini saya jadi sering banget kebanjiran pertanyaan mengenai acid toner *hiperbola*.

Sebenarnya informasi-informasi ini sudah banyak saya tulis, sih, di blog saya ataupun di Female Daily. Jadi coba saya rangkum kembali yah informasi yang sudah ada dan mudah-mudahan berguna untuk yang ingin mencoba acid toning.

Sebelum membaca artikel ini, saya peringatkan terlebih dahulu, ya, kalau tulisan kali ini akan panjang. Jadi kalau tidak ada waktu luang banyak lebih baik dibaca lain kali. Karena haram hukumnya kalau bacanya nggak sampai selesai :p


On toner and double toning

Jika berbicara tentang toner, jangan bayangkan toner jaman dahulu kala yang isinya adalah alkohol dan astringen. Sepertinya salah kaprah toner ini menjadikan toner musuh banyak orang. Toner sendiri dipakai bukan untuk langkah pembersihan tapi lebih untuk prepping the skin for your skincare atau juga untuk mengembalikan pH kulit dan hidrasi yang hilang pada saat kita membersihkannya. Nah, toner ini sendiri ada dua jenisnya: acid / exfoliating toner dan hydrating toner. Kenapa kulit butuh dua macam toner berbeda ini? Karena seiring bertambahnya usia sel kulit kita jadi malas buat beregenarasi yang tadi selnya cekatan dan giat-giat waktu muda, makin tua makin malas. Yah orangnya aja makin tua makin malas kan :p oleh karena itu kita butuh bantuan acid toner. Tapi acid toner ini tidak melembapkan dan malah kadang bikin kering, oleh karena itu untuk mengembalikan kelembapan kita butuh hydrating toner. Untuk selengkapnya mengenai double toning bisa dibaca di artikel ini.

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All you need to know about Acid/Exfoliating Toner!

Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser

I’m currently on cleanser frenzy. Sure I’ve been doing double cleansing since forever, but for forever, I don’t have much to consider other than 1. It’s not drying and 2. It removes makeup effectively (if it’s a first cleanser).

Now I have a whole list of things to consider *hyperbole*. But if you’re reading my cleansers review, you must wonder how I get to pick and say I love and not love a certain thing, right?

Here are some of the deciding factors that makes a cleanser stay in my stash:

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 1.51.49 PM

1. It doesn’t contain SLS

I’m not shaming SLS and this is in no way a scaremongering tactic. I’m not gonna say SLS is bad for the skin and environment and preach endlessly. But what I’m gonna tell you is that from the moment I knew that SLS could cause a sensitive skin breakout more easily I decided to stay away from this ingredient. Also, it’s one of the many ingredients that cause your skin to feel dry. Eversince I skip SLS, I feel much better about my skin. I still have one or two cleansers that have SLS just because I love the overall feel of it.

Read more about this no SLS adventure in this article in Female Daily.

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Four things I consider before deciding to love a cleanser