Tea for your skin from Jacqueline Evans

Jacqueline Evans is another skincare product that hailed from Australia. To be exact the home of Jacqueline Evans skincare is Malvern, Victoria. It’s no surprise that I jumped to the opportunity of trying the skincare from this brand. I wasn’t sure where to start with this brand. As with any other brand, I was playing it safe and opted for the face mist instead.

Before I review the Jacqueline Evans Rooibos Facial Toner, let me first introduce you to the brand. Jacqueline Evans is a Naturopathic Skincare and classified as a premium organic skincare, though price-wise it ranges between AUS 18 – 78. With the most expensive product being the eye gel. The brand focusses on research so that they could find safe products yet effective. It contains only natural and certified organic ingredients.

The Rooibos Facial Toner is a face mist that is packaged in amber glass bottle with a spritzer. The spritzer itself is easy to use and it disperse a normal amount of mist, the one that is not too fine and not that horrific that you feel like it’s raining cats and dogs.
The ingredients is pretty simple, they are:
organic rooibos tea*, rosa damascena (rose) water*, aloe vera concentrate, soya lecithin,
vegetable glycerine, amyris balsamifera (sandalwood) oil, rosa damascena (rose) oil,
pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil, grapefruit seed extract
*certified organic ingredients
Instead of using water, Evans used organic rooibos tea and rose water for this beautiful concoction. The former ingredient lends its soothing and herbal scent of the product. I’m a tea drinker so using this product is a really pleasant experience for me. If you’ve ordered a rooibos tea from Starbucks before, you probably know what scent I’m talking about. It’s just this one is more delicate.

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Tea for your skin from Jacqueline Evans

Detox for the skin

I must admit, I’m one of those people who sparingly use the word ‘detox’ for a cleanse period for anything under the sun – from food to skincare. The reason is because it’s one word that people seem to have the same conception or misconception on. It’s easier for you to explain a cleanse period with ‘detox’. It’s the word du jour.

So what am I talking about exactly when I’m talking about detox for the skin?

As you might all aware my skincare routine is not one you can take lightly. In fact it’s based upon layers and layers of product application. I change my arsenal every so often to accommodate the change in my skin condition. I walk the talk. When I said ‘listen to your skin’, it’s all based on personal experience. Knowing exactly the slightest change in your skin and adapt to it has benefit my skin.

However, there are times when I need to hibernate. In a way that I need to simplify things. Cutting down the steps and getting back to basic. This is what I call detox for the skin.

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Detox for the skin

The Vitamin C Serum Step Confusion and my Skincare Arsenal


Vitamin C serum is something of a nightmare when it comes to application step. It stirs a lot of confusion.  I won’t go into detail here but I wanna show you how I wear mine. This is not necessarily right or the best step but upon several methods of application I feel that this is the most comfortable for me, shorter waiting time and it’s still effective.

So here’s the deal with vitamin C serum. It may not be exfoliating ingredient per se but it’s one of those serum that works best on cleanse skin, applied directly to skin and works effectively on low pH. The pH for vitamin C serum to work best is around 2-4 which means skin have to be acidic. In most journal I read, it’s cited that pH at around 3 is best. Anyway, I go by the 2-4 ballpark because it gives me room to move around.

When applying AHA and BHA, a lot of people suggested to go 1. vitamin C, 2. BHA and 3. AHA. You need to wait between application. The logic is because vitamin C need to go on bare skin and need the lowest pH. BHA goes deeper into the skin than AHA. Then there’s the AHA debacle whether it’s Glycolic or Lactic because the latter have bigger molecule so it needs to go last. Confusing?

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The Vitamin C Serum Step Confusion and my Skincare Arsenal

365 in Skincare: My AM Routine when Having Acne Breakout

Kalau mengikuti akun Instagram saya, pasti 2 minggu belakangan ini udah bosen, ya, “dengerin” saya ngeluh masalah jerawatan. Untuk seseorang yang jarang banget jerawatan this is major! Nggak mungkin lah, kalau nggak pernah bermasalah kulitnya. Begitu pula saya. Biasanya sih kalau PMS adalah satu atau dua. Tapi kali ini, begitu hilang satu muncul satu lagi. Gede-gede pula! Sebelnya, jerawat yang timbul bukan jerawat yang ada matanya, tapi jerawat batu. Ini sebenarnya kesalahan saya sendiri, sih.

Awalnya karena mudik ke Malang. Pas mudik ke Malang saya tahu betul kalau di Malang sedang dingin, around 20 degrees. Nah, di antara itu saya sempat ke Blitar, di mana udaranya tidak sama seperti Malang tapi lebih berdebu. Saya sudah siap tempur. Bawa segala macam deep cleansing mask dan juga siap sedia Sunday Riley Artemis dan History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence karena kedua produk tersebut paling ampuh membantu menyeimbangkan kondisi kulit saya.

Sayangnya, begitu balik ke Jakarta saya mulai lalai dan enak-enakan. Padahl udah di Jakarta sedang panas-panasnya. Yang terjadi adalah dua minggu kemudian mulai deh muncul satu persatu jerawat! Yang paling bikin bete adalah jerawat batu ini sakit banget dan ganggu karena gede banget. Jadinya saya jadi gatel pencet-pencet dan jadilah berbekas dan merusak jaringan kulit *sigh*.

Anyway below are the skincare that I’m using in the morning to tackle this problem.

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365 in Skincare: My AM Routine when Having Acne Breakout