3 Products I finished During the Japan Trip

I brought several things during my trip to Japan, but the decision made purely based on whether it’s travel friendly size and whether I can finish the product during the trip so I can finish them up. Nothing special. What’s important is that I have every single product that I need for my routine. Among the products that I’ve brought with me during the trip, I’ve finished three. Sadly, these are not my most favourite products. Find out why by reading the review below.

  1. Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm


I know this balm come as a highly raved product from a skincare brand that is highly loved by so many. But I’m sorry, I’m not feeling it! It’s really pricey at USD 50 for 100ml, it’s really quite expensive. The texture is a bit gritty, I don’t feel the extra tranquility experience when I’m spreading it around my skin because it’s not so easy to work with and the scent isn’t that lush. I’ve had better experience with Clinique and The Body Shop Cleansing Balm. I feel really lucky that I got this as a share jar so I’m not stuck with a whole jar of cleansing balm that I didn’t like. I got my from Skinhab on Instagram.

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3 Products I finished During the Japan Trip

Battle of the Acid Serum: Liquid Gold, Glow Serum, Good Genes and Novexpert

I love to use acid/resurfacing serum – basically a serum containing a higher concentration of AHA/BHA to help the cellular turnover. There’s the daily exfoliation with the acid toner but there’s also a more intensive exfoliation treatment with acid serum.  Usually I incorporate this once or twice weekly or a full week every month. Depending on what my skin need at the time. If I have a really nasty spots I will do the full week treatment. Otherwise I will do the once or twice weekly treatment.

How do I use them? Usually I will do my normal double cleansing, followed by hydrating mask (I have  very dry skin so I really need this to keep my skin hydrated), a mild acid toner followed by the serum. I will use no other product after the acid serum to let the serum really work effectively throughout the night. I know there’s some pros and cons letting the acid works on its own, some people consider it an utter bollocks but some praise how effective it is by leaving it to work alone with nothing else in its way. For me, I leave up to you to try it how often you use it and whether you use is alone or combining it with other products.

In fact, sometimes when I need just an extra oomph the next morning without going the whole nine yards I would use one of these serums below in a serum step, after double toning, followed by treatment serum and moisturiser. Whatever works for you, love.

The four acid serums that I’ve tried and loving it so far are :

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Gold, this is new to my Skincare Arsenal so there’s no review yet. But I’ve been experiencing a positive result from the get go so I include it here.
  2. Pixi Skintreats Overnight Glow Serum, full review here.
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes, full review here.
  4. Novexpert Peeling Night Cream, full review here, and the only one available in Indonesia.

I know some people will ask me about Paula’s Choice exfoliators. FYI, I’m not using any of the Paula’s Choice exfoliators – toner or serum – because when I tried two samples from her products that contain acids, I have a serious negative reaction of redness, major stings and it itch to high heaven. This is not to say that her product is bad but it seems that I don’t bode well with her product.

More about how I use the four of these after the jump!

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Battle of the Acid Serum: Liquid Gold, Glow Serum, Good Genes and Novexpert

365 in Skincare: My AM Routine when Having Acne Breakout

Kalau mengikuti akun Instagram saya, pasti 2 minggu belakangan ini udah bosen, ya, “dengerin” saya ngeluh masalah jerawatan. Untuk seseorang yang jarang banget jerawatan this is major! Nggak mungkin lah, kalau nggak pernah bermasalah kulitnya. Begitu pula saya. Biasanya sih kalau PMS adalah satu atau dua. Tapi kali ini, begitu hilang satu muncul satu lagi. Gede-gede pula! Sebelnya, jerawat yang timbul bukan jerawat yang ada matanya, tapi jerawat batu. Ini sebenarnya kesalahan saya sendiri, sih.

Awalnya karena mudik ke Malang. Pas mudik ke Malang saya tahu betul kalau di Malang sedang dingin, around 20 degrees. Nah, di antara itu saya sempat ke Blitar, di mana udaranya tidak sama seperti Malang tapi lebih berdebu. Saya sudah siap tempur. Bawa segala macam deep cleansing mask dan juga siap sedia Sunday Riley Artemis dan History of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence karena kedua produk tersebut paling ampuh membantu menyeimbangkan kondisi kulit saya.

Sayangnya, begitu balik ke Jakarta saya mulai lalai dan enak-enakan. Padahl udah di Jakarta sedang panas-panasnya. Yang terjadi adalah dua minggu kemudian mulai deh muncul satu persatu jerawat! Yang paling bikin bete adalah jerawat batu ini sakit banget dan ganggu karena gede banget. Jadinya saya jadi gatel pencet-pencet dan jadilah berbekas dan merusak jaringan kulit *sigh*.

Anyway below are the skincare that I’m using in the morning to tackle this problem.

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365 in Skincare: My AM Routine when Having Acne Breakout

Why Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Move Up in its Position on my Cleanser List.

For the longest time, I have been telling people that there are plenty of cleansers out there that you need to try out first before you reach out for Sunday Riley Ceramic Cleanser. I hate the fact that everything from Sunday Riley is ridiculously overpriced and seems to be marketed to be a breakthrough in the market. Where in fact, I’ve seen similar product before. There’s nothing new. But her PR and Marketing people are so good that it’s everywhere and it’s the brand to have!

Considering that the price of this cleanser is USD 45 (before tax!) is not exactly cheap. Of course, this is also the time where I’ve found out that Sum37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick is  as lush as what people said. Fancl Washing Powder is just as mild and great. So what’s the fuss really!

I’ll tell you why I’ve changed my mind and why it’s definitely an ok thing for you to get this cleanser. It’s so worth the splurge!

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Why Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Move Up in its Position on my Cleanser List.

My Thoughts on Sunday Riley Artemis

I forgot that I haven’t written a review on Sunday Riley Artemis, which is the only facial oil that I got from the brand. Firstly, let me rant about this brand. Why everything from this brand is so bloody expensive! Especially the facial oil!

Now let’s move onto the review.


Sunday Riley Artemis is a complexion balancing oil. Here’s the detail that I copied straight from Sephora website:

This highly effective face oil is balanced with super CLA from pomegranate and omega 3 from flax seed for a clean, healthy glow from within. Milk thistle seed oil, black cumin seed oil, and pink grapefruit essential oil help fight redness and signs of premature aging caused by toxins and inflammation. An essential oil complex of Australian medicinal plants, lemon ironbark, and lemon myrtle provides anti-inflammatory, purifying, and cleansing support. Skin is left smooth, fresh, and youthful-looking.

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My Thoughts on Sunday Riley Artemis