Top 5 Natural Skincare Face Mists: Sukin, Trilogy, January Labs, Antipodes & Jacqueline Evans

My friend told me that I should make a list of my favourite skincare. So I am doing it now and it seems that everyone is asking for it because Caroline Hirons is doing it. So in this post I’m only going to include face mist from natural brands, not including the ridiculously expensive one and the non-natural brands. Cause I can’t decide like that. Also, it’s not in any particular order.

I actually posted this a while back on my Instagram, but here goes a more elaborate version. I’m asked many times whether this hydrating toner and that hydrating toner is more hydrating than the others. First of all, I want to clarify that I personally think the most hydrating toners are those that you pat into your skin using cotton pad, it allows for better absorption. Second is the gel type that you apply by hands, but sometimes it will take time to absorb. Lastly, is the face spray. It sort of sit on top of your skin and dries off. But I like the cooling sensation though.

In this post I want to give you the comparison of the face mist from the natural skincare brands.

Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 10.12.25 AM.png

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Top 5 Natural Skincare Face Mists: Sukin, Trilogy, January Labs, Antipodes & Jacqueline Evans

The day when I used my Trilogy Everything Balm wrongly :p


Last week I talked about using Trilogy products in my skin detox period and I left out the review of Trilogy Everything Balm because I want to do a dedicated review for it. I got this balm from a GWP and it’s only 5ml in size. During the skin detox period I used it as a cleanser.

It’s basically a thick balm that when you spread it out to your skin it melts away and even with only a dollop of it, it able to removes the most stubborn mascara and heaviest foundation. I’m swoon. I love the scent that is much nicer than the oil. Way nicer.

The balm is really thick and reminds me of Eve Lom and Bobbi Brown balm cleanser that you need to flannel off because water will just slide. After a week of using it as PM cleanser for the first cleanser, I still have half tub left. Do I love it? Yes. But …. there’s a but …

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The day when I used my Trilogy Everything Balm wrongly :p

First Love: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

Trilogy Rosehip Oil is my first love when it comes to facial oil. Not a day goes by that I thank Lena for introducing me to this wonderful concoction of Rosa Canina Seeds oil – in other word, the wonderful Rosehip oil. Trilogy is my go to brand for  anything Rosehip related. Back in the days this is quite a famous brand because it has the endorsement of celebrities. Upon trying this product, I can see why those celebrities put their sign of approval in this brand because it’s really that good.

What does Rosehip oil do? It helps to heal scar, which means if you have any nasty scar from post acne battle, this will help significantly. It makes your skin appear brighter but I think this is due to your skin condition to be at its good condition and well hydrated so all in all it appears more radiant. Also, it makes your skin feel plumper.

During my skin detox, I used products from Trilogy because they work and they don’t have complicated ingredient list. It’s a tight-knit lot that works effectively with each other.

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First Love: Trilogy Rosehip Oil

My Skin Detox Routine

As I’ve promised before on the post about detox for the skin, now I want to show you how I incorporate the products into my skincare routine.

As I mentioned before, the principal is to keep it simple. I chose the product from Trilogy because they work for me, simple enough and they provide enough hydration.

However, these steps below can be simplified even more. I’ll explain later at the end.

The first day, I still want to incorporate my heavy duty acid because I don’t want my skin to go without any active at all. So I picked the Biologique Recherce P50. The steps for the AM routine are: Continue reading “My Skin Detox Routine”

My Skin Detox Routine

Detox for the skin

I must admit, I’m one of those people who sparingly use the word ‘detox’ for a cleanse period for anything under the sun – from food to skincare. The reason is because it’s one word that people seem to have the same conception or misconception on. It’s easier for you to explain a cleanse period with ‘detox’. It’s the word du jour.

So what am I talking about exactly when I’m talking about detox for the skin?

As you might all aware my skincare routine is not one you can take lightly. In fact it’s based upon layers and layers of product application. I change my arsenal every so often to accommodate the change in my skin condition. I walk the talk. When I said ‘listen to your skin’, it’s all based on personal experience. Knowing exactly the slightest change in your skin and adapt to it has benefit my skin.

However, there are times when I need to hibernate. In a way that I need to simplify things. Cutting down the steps and getting back to basic. This is what I call detox for the skin.

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Detox for the skin