Bagaimana Mengenali Gejala Tuberkulosis & Pencegahannya

Tidak sering saya share tentang hal selain kecantikan. Tapi, bukankah kesehatan itu juga sebagian dari kecantikan? Karena kalau kita sudah sakit, pasti larinya ke kulit.

Saya ingin sedikit bercerita tentang penyakit Tuberkolosis (TB), isu ini dekat dengan saya karena beberapa waktu lalu ayah saya sempat terkena gejala TB.  Penyakit yang disebabkan oleh kuman TB (Mycobacterium Tuberculosis) ini menyerang tubuh manusia terutama paru dan bukan penyakit turunan. Pada saat itu, saya jadi banyak baca mengenai bagaimana penularan dan pencegahan penyakit ini? This post is about gratitude, for catching it early.

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To many more family trips 🙂

Penyakit TB ini bisa dengan mudah menular lewat udara melalui percikan dahak penderita TB. Kalau tubuh sedang tidak fit, akan mudah sekali untuk kita terjangkit penyakit tersebut. Sehingga penting banget untuk kita mengetahu gejalanya karena kalau ada kerabat atau orang di sekitar kita terlihat mengidap gejala tersebut bisa langsung melakukan pencegahan sehingga tidak menular dan juga bisa disembuhkan segera. Gejalanya pun sebenarnya tidak begitu spesial secara kasat mata yaitu batuk, demam berkelanjangan, sesam nafas dan nyeti dada, serta suka berkeringat pada sore atau malam hari padahal tidak ada apa-apa. Kadang bisa salah dengan batuk biasa. Apalagi di Jakarta udaranya tidak bersih sehingga penyakit batuk termasuk umum. Tapi kalau batuk berdahak sudah bercampur dengan darah, itu perlu waspada!

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Bagaimana Mengenali Gejala Tuberkulosis & Pencegahannya

Pengalaman Konsultasi ke Dokter Kulit

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Saya termasuk orang yang hampir nggak pernah ke dokter kulit. Karena menurut saya ke dokter itu kalau ada masalah saja atau butuh pakai sesuatu yang harus dalam pengawasan dokter. Untuk perawatan sehari-hari bisa menggunakan OTC products saja.
Sekalinya ke dokter karena eksema kambuh dan sudah tidak bisa diatasi sendiri akhirnya saya memutuskan ke Erha.

Menurut saya hal yang paling membingungkan dari dokter adalah krim dokter! Kenapa? Karena banyak loh dokter yang tidak mau berbagi racikan rahasianya. Tapi malah membuat orang jadi nggak teredukasi kenapa krim yang mereka pakai bisa memberikan hasil X. Tapi juga sebenarnya bisa juga karena sebagai pasien kita juga tidak tanya ke dokternya isinya apa? Penting banget untuk kita tahu benar kandungan produk yang kita pakai apa dan cara pakainya. Sebenarnya buat saya, produk dokter atau nggak, penting buat tahu kandungan apa yang ada di dalamnya dan cara pakainya.

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Pengalaman Konsultasi ke Dokter Kulit

Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

Indonesian beauty scene is getting very exciting lately. Not only abundance of liquid market were launch with great quality but the skincare products are also quite good. Among the Indonesian skincare products review requests by my Instagram followers, the Votre Peau Vitamin C serum is among those that top the chart. So a couple months ago when Votre Peau contacted me and offered to send me their products, I happily said yes.

What is it? It’s a gel based vitamin C serum that is using Ethyl Ascorbic Acid as it main ingredients.

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Verdict on the Votre Peau Vitamin C Serum! 

5 Telltale That Your Skin is Over Exfoliated

I’m an avid double toning advocate, because I believe that daily exfoliation will help your overall skin complexion.

Here are some checklist of posts that you need to read first before continuing with this post to get yourself familiar with acid/exfoliating toner and double toning:

  1. A short description about exfoliating toner to get you started.
  2. All you need to know about exfoliating toner: the what, why, how and some gist on the products. (Bahasa Indonesia)
  3. Why daily and weekly exfoliation is important?
  4. Most importantly, why you need to do it responsibly!
  5. The most important question, do you need acid toner or not? (Bahasa Indonesia)

Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s start!

You want daily exfoliation, just enough but not too much! But how do you know when you’re overdoing it?

1. Drastic changes to your skin

Too oily or too dry. Know your skin condition, if it changes rapidly after daily exfoliation or heavy duty acid treatment, most likely your skin is over exfoliated. If you have oily skin and it excessively producing sebum, it means your skin is becoming dehydrated from all the exfoliation. Vice versa, dry skin can feel real tight when it’s over exfoliated.

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5 Telltale That Your Skin is Over Exfoliated

Is Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX Worth to Buy?

I first reviewed the original Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum in Female Daily website, you can read the article here. It’s among the very few first booster/first essence/serum that I’ve tried and love, along with SK-II First Treatment Essence and Menard Beauness.

The original one though an effective first essence, especially for those with acnaic and normal to oily skin, it’s not hydrating enough for my skin. It’s great for acnaic skin because it helps to bring your problem to surface and clear out skin. It also balances your skin nicely if you have oily skin.

However, this reformulated version of Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX has all the benefit of the original one. Still great in texture, seeps into the skin fine, but with the addition of being more hydrating! It’s almost on par with SK-II FTE in terms of hydration and a little below Menard Beauness. It’s still works great on unbalanced skin. Great to boost the performance of your skincare.

Other than how it feels hydrating, the texture and finish as well as other aspects of this booster that I love still remain the same. So the original review that I wrote for Female Daily still stands.

Here’s a short wrap up.

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Is Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX Worth to Buy?

Antipodes Apostle for Radiant Glowing Skin

I’ve been a huge fan of Antipodes skincare ever since I tried their Divine Face Oil. Overall, the brand is a legit natural skincare line that isn’t just a marketing BS, the price point isn’t as expensive as American organic/natural skincare brands, ingredients are solid, most products that I’ve tried deliver good to great result and most have the most wonderful scent. The only exception is the Joyous serum, which smell really fishy. I suspect it’s from the rosehip oil.

I’ve been delaying trying the Antipodes Apostle serum for quite sometime because I was already quite smitten with their Worship serum. I was afraid that this will disappoint me.

My conclusion:

  1. If you’re looking for serum to lighten your skin or PIH/hyperpigmentation, this serum isn’t for you!
  2. But if you’re looking for serum that helps to give that radiant and glow back to your skin, than you might love this.

What is it for? (from the website)

The revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape & Kiwi helps minimise the appearance of facial redness. Exfoliating enzymes from the superfruit kiwifruit and anti-inflammatory Vinanza Oxifend from pinot noir grapes leave skin gloriously glowing. Meanwhile, mamaku black fern and Reishi mushroom of immortality boost healthy cell renewal for true, fresh-faced beauty.

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Antipodes Apostle for Radiant Glowing Skin

Tried & Tested: ULTIMA II ProCollagen range

My current skincare routine is not exciting at all because I’m in a path of using Retinoic Acid as prescribed by the dermatologist. So there’s not much active ingredients that I can include within my #deszellskincarearsenal. However, when you’re in Retinoic Acid journey, sometimes that’s killing me is the dehydration and the texture of the skin that feels worst before it gets better. Especially that I’m currently fasting, the dryness and dehydration are severe.

So when I received this ULTIMA II ProCollagen range, I was welcoming them with open arms. I have such high hopes looking at the ingredients alone. But first thing first, what does this range do? It targets four early signs of ageing (or ageing in that matter) that are wrinkles, lost of elasticity, dullness and roughness.

There are several stellar ingredients list here but nothing too “strong”, for lack of better word to explain, but it’s also effective.

  1. Hydroxyproline is known for its skin-conditioning properties and often found in collagen and elastin. Collagen helps the building block of our skin to keep it looking youthful, smooth and doesn’t collapse.
    Skin will look more elastic and enhanced in terms of texture. It’s also known as a great cell-communicating ingredients, which as the skin age the cells within the skin decrease in its ability to communicate with one another. It’s what you want your anti ageing ingredient to do.
  2. Sodium Hyaluronate which add and maintain hydration and hence enhance the look of the skin to be less dull and rough.
  3. Witch hazel and Willow Bark that smoothen and tighten overall look of the skin.
  4. Horse Chestnut Seed is high in Saponins, Flavonoids and Fatty Oil that alltogether will nourish the skin.

I have with me two products from the range which are ULTIMA II ProCollagen Extrema Face & Neck and ProCollagen Extrema Day Lotion SPF 30 PA+++

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Tried & Tested: ULTIMA II ProCollagen range